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What’s shakin’ in the best Midcoast cocktails to go?

Plus Cocktail Kits
Sat, 05/02/2020 - 9:00am

    It’s hard to believe that Maine, once the 19th century pearl-clutcher of New England responsible for enacting Prohibition before any other state, has relaxed its alcohol mandates during the COVID-19 crisis, but here we go.

    While all restaurants and bars are prohibited from conducting dine-in (and drink-in) services until June 1 and July 1, respectively, beer and wine was allowed to be sold along with a food order.

    Additionally as of March 18 (updated March 24), Gov. Mills’ Order also included specific instructions for spirits-based Cocktails to Go.

    Basically, it has to be created individually in its own container, not exceed 4½ ounces of spirits, and has to accompany a take-out food order.

    If you’ve ever followed our Guide to Midcoast Happy Hour and its derivate What’s In That Cocktail series, you know that we citizens of the Midcoast have our favorite cocktail establishments and flavor profiles.

    Here’s who is jumping on that trend and creating memorable Cocktail Kits and Cocktails To Go to get us through the sobbing wall-slide of May.


    Ada’s Kitchen is serving up its Negronis, Old Fashioneds, and Margaritas...and more!

    Primo Restaurant is offering a Bellini Kit of Prosecco + trio of Primo syrups (rhubarb, peach, blueberry) $30 as well as individual cocktails such as a Charred Orange Negroni.

    Myrtle Street Tavern is serving cocktails to go with their menu; changes nightly. Stay tuned to their Facebook Stories for details.

    Eclipse Restaurant is offerings Cocktails to Go like an Eclipse-tini with their daily specials. ($8 and up).

    Thomaston Café is offering nightly specials on cocktails to go. Call 354-8589.


    Nina June is offering Chip’s awful good cocktails to go...($12). Negroni, LovageGimlet, Manhattan, Bloody maria mix (you add the vodka)...($10.) Please call your order in or email ninajune24@gmail.com before 1:00 pm.

    40 Paper is serving up their famous half-price cocktail kits (serves 2) such as a Grapefruit Mule, Bourbon Ade and Ranchito Verde ($6).


    The Front Street Pub is batching up a great mix of cocktails such as a watermelon margarita, just in time for Mardi Gras.

    Rollie’s Bar & Grill is now offering curbside pick up and delivery including Cocktails to Go (16 oz for two people).

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    Note: if you are a restaurant/bar that serves Cocktails To Go or Cocktail Kits and want to be listed here, please provide all of the details exactly as you see other listings above and make it easy to cut and paste directly into this article. Be sure to add your phone number and hotlink your Facebook page. Direct your update to news@penbaypilot.com