Meanwhile in Belfast deconstructs the Eggnog Winter Sherry Flip

What’s in that cocktail?

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Thu, 12/24/2015 - 1:00pm

    Got Nog? The wood-fired pizza restaurant Meanwhile In Belfast sure does. They’ve created a rum and sherry-infused homemade eggnog recipe for the holidays that will knock an elf of the shelf.

    Clementina Senatore, co-owner and chef, created a modified version of the cocktail, which she adapted from French chef Frederic Le Bordays’ famous recipe, calling it the Eggnog Winter Sherry Flip.

    “It’s an interpretation of his recipe. He does his with cognac, but I do mine with rum,” she said. “And we make the eggnog from scratch.”

    The sherry used in this drink is Luxardo, which Senatore said can be found in any liquor store. “This is our most popular brunch drink,” said Senatore. “Some people will just sip this over the course of a half hour.”

    The Eggnog Winter Sherry Flip is a fairly easy cocktail to layer together and when done, Senatore tops it with a dash of fresh ground coffee. Because the eggnog is made from scratch, the taste is slightly sweet and creamy, not thick, like store bought eggnog. The first sip is coolly fresh with the warm hints of rum and sherry below. And the bite of coffee grounds rounds it off. Why not start off your Christmas morning with this drink?

    To make this at home, watch our accompanying video. The recipe also follows below.

    The Eggnog Winter Sherry Flip

    • 1 ounce Mount Gay
    • 1 ounce Luxardo
    • ½ ounce Contratto Vermouth Bianco
    • ½ ounce Agave
    • ½ ounce heavy cream
    • 1 pinch of clove and cinnamon
    • 1 garnish of orange peel
    • 1 organic egg

    Shake (but add the ice last!) and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh ground coffee.

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