Plus a Killer Road Trip for a Blues & Brews Microfest in S. Hiram

Weekend Spotlight: Fantastical, stand-up and moose poop comedy abounds

Thu, 07/22/2021 - 12:00pm

    We’re looking at some good, sunny days Friday and Saturday, with rain on Sunday, so we’ve got a number of outdoor and indoor events in mind for that. The name of the game this weekend is comedy: whether it’s a magical comedy in the Camden amphitheater, a stand-up routine at the Camden Opera House, or the oddball humor of a lady who makes things out of moose poop for a living. Check it out!

    Fantastical Comedy “Aquitania” in Camden’s Amphitheater

    Friday, July 23—Camden

    Poster Courtesy The Camden Shakespeare Festival

    If you like music, magick, and mystery, the Camden Shakespeare Festival is bringing the play, “Aquitania” to the Camden Amphitheatre this summer. Here’s the gist: “A librarian is transported to a strange country where she matches wits with a bowler-hatted villain. Magic cake and an ancient board game hold the secrets as our heroine adopts a new kind of logic to save the day. A trio of beautiful sirens add to the enchantment with a score of jazzy French songs.” If it rains, the performance will be in the St. Thomas Episcopal Church. FMI: Tickets

    Comedian Juston McKinney at Camden Opera House

    Friday, July 23—Camden

    Photo courtesy Juston McKinney

    New England comedian Juston McKinney is back in the Midcoast this weekend. McKinney has appeared on numerous Comedy Central shows and has also appeared on The Tonight Show and the Conan O’Brien show. Here’s a little insight into his life and brand of comedy. The show starts at the Camden Opera House at 7:30 p.m. FMI: Tickets

    Killer Road Trip: Bluegrass & Brews Microfest

    Friday, July 23 through Saturday, July 24—South Hiram


    The Ossipee Valley Microfest resumes this summer on a smaller scale. Located near Sebago Lake (where you can camp), the Microfest will have 12 hours of music each day on the main stage. Here is the lineup. They’ll have food vendors, crafters, workshops, a beer tent with late-night jamming, a kids’ barn, a dance academy, yoga, and they may still have camping spots on site as well. FMI: Details and Tickets

    Mary Winchenback “Tirdy Works” at Rockport Opera House

    Sunday, July 25—Rockport

    Promo courtesy TruTV

    Anyone with Coprophobia might want to sit this one out. For Graffam Bros’ 75th anniversary, local comedian Mary Winchenbach will be talking about all things moose poop. The star of TruTv’s oddball reality show “Tirdy Works,” Winchenbach is a natural jokester and TV star, as evidenced in this story by She’ll be cracking up the audience from 7 to 9 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. FMI: Tickets

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