Updated with full Derby results...

Watch the Cardboard Box Derby racers flip, spin and bomb down the hill

Sun, 03/09/2014 - 11:45am

CAMDEN — We caught some video of the various Cardboard Derby racers March 8 as they did their very best to get down the Camden Snow Bowl’s tubing hill.

Some sailed down smoothly, while others flipped, spun about and came to a dead halt before reaching the finish line. But that didn’t stop these intrepid Cardboard Warriors, no. Watch our video of the action!

Below are results of the Carboard Box Derby. A total of 88 boxes were entered in last Saturday’s Derby event.

Most Creative
First - #68, The Lobstaboggin (27:36)
Second - #70, Bat Mobile (52:68)

Most Team Spirit
First - #4, Jamaican Bobsled (9:35)

Most in Box
First - #43, The Magic School Bus (12:08)

First - #60, Crazy Cruzin Cousins (7:41)
Second - #44, Box of DOOM! (8:11)
Third - #4, Jamaican Bobsled (9:35)
Fourth - #84, Simplicity (9:38)
Fifth - #50, Made in America (10:05)
Sixth - #78, Mother Russia (10:46)
Seventh - #23, Brainy Bunch (10:81)


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