Waldo County Grand Jury indictments: domestic violence, operating under the influence, theft

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 10:45am

    BELFAST — The Waldo County Grand Jury handed down 15 indictments Sept. 15. An indictment does not imply guilt.

    Colby M. Corriveau, 20, of Belfast, aggravated assault, terrorizing and domestic violence assault. 

    Jamie M. Freeman, 30, of Brooks, unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs.

    Jesse T. Grinnell, 27, of Lincolnville, receiving stolen property, forgery and violation of condition of release.

    Levi Mason, 38, of Vassalboro, eluding an officer and unauthorized use of property. 

    Angela M. Patterson, 39, of Brooks, aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs. 

    Brian A. Rafuse, 52, of Montville, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs. 

    Samantha E. Rancourt, 38, of Searsport, aggravated operating after habitual offender revocation, criminal operating under the influence and violation of conditions of release, 

    Bobbie L. Rushlow, 33, of Belfast, theft by unauthorized taking. 

    Joe-Pete Saucier, 39, of Belfast, aggravated assault and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. 

    Melinda Way, 38, of Northport, unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs and violation of conditions of release. 

    Jason L. Young, 42, of Swanville,  failure to report. 

    Jonathan Coutts, 31, of Holden, burglary, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and criminal mischief 

    Adam J. Littlefield, 31, of Belfast, operating after revocation and violation of conditions of release. 

    Shawn M. O’Brien, 31, of Belfast, aggravated assault and domestic violence assault. 

    Christopher W. Cunningham, 29, of Burnham, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence terrorizing and cruelty to animals.

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