Waldo County divorces

Posted:  Friday, February 2, 2018 - 6:45pm

BELFAST — The following divorces were recently recorded in Waldo County Superior Court recently.

Heather L. Frost, of Prospect, and Mark E. Frost, of Prospect, were married July 28, 2012, in Swanville and divorced Dec. 28.

Belinda A. Grant, of Freedom, and Levi A. Grant, of Stockton Springs, were married Aug. 28, 1999, in Searsport and divorced Jan. 2.

Bryant A. Richardson, of Belfast, and Allison K. Harrell, of Belfast, were married Dec. 15, 2012, in Belfast and divorced Dec. 29.

Babette H. Nealey, of Northport, and James H. Nealey, of Northport, were married Oct. 5, 1989, in Belfast and divorced Dec. 29.

Michelle L. Ward, of Searsport, and Terence K. Ward, of Swanville, were married June 1, 2011, in Swanville and divorced Dec. 18.

Dolores D. Hatch, of Belfast, and Kendall W. Hatch, of Bucksport, were married Oct. 23, 2014, in Bucksport and divorced Dec. 18.

Cheryl A. Cassidy, of Lincolnville, and Ronald E. Pinkham, of Lincolnville, were married Feb. 16, 1991, in Camden and divorced Dec. 23.

Valentina Giggie, of Belmont, and Theodore S. Giggie, of Monroe, were married July 11, 1998, in Belfast and divorced Jan. 22.

Dewroy H. Wilson, of Belfast, and Cheryl Allison, of Yeadon, Del., were married Aug. 16, 2008, in Wells and divorced Jan. 23.

Robert N. Bywater, of Belfast, and Arielle G. Bywater, of Belfast, were married June 1, 2003, in Belfast and divorced Jan. 8.

Sarah R. Geroux, of Belfast, and Romeo J. Geroux, of Jefferson, were married Aug. 12, 2000, in Jefferson and divorced Jan. 23.

Marcia M. O’Connor, of Freedom, and James J. O’Connor, of Freedom, were married Nov. 23, 2005, in Albion and divorced Jan. 8.

Ilse W. Larrivee, of Belfast, and Michael R. Larrivee, of Troy, were married Aug. 15, 2009, in Northport and divorced Jan. 9.

Sydnie E. Helmandollar, of Orland, and Michael A. Helmandollar, of Bucksport, were married Feb. 28, 2013, in Prospect and divorced Jan. 8.

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