Waldo County deed transfers

Thu, 09/14/2017 - 2:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 28 - Sept. 8. 


    Susan A. Cobin EST to Francine and Irwin Brown.

    Paul E. and Sally M. Foster to Theresa and Shawn Thyng.

    City of Belfast to Frederick C. and Jean M. Ehman.

    Mitchell D. Flood and Paula Welch to David Flood.

    Cathy K. and Marion H. Sears to Paul Naron Revocable Trust.

    Frederick E. Miles III to Karen L. Miles.

    Richard V. Chevalier to Jessie M. Costello.

    Karen A. Bailey Revocable Living Trust to David N. Petito.

    Scott M. and Lynn A. Patten, and Lynn A. Chorney to Lynn A. Patten Living Trust.

    Lynn A. Pattern Living Trust to Trevor Miliano and Jessica Chorney.

    Peter C. Graham EST to Jane E. and Michael A. White.


    Robert McCafferty to McCafferty Land & Forest LLC.


    Cindy Trundy to Floyd Dakin.

    James A. Goguen to David Goguen and Michelle Munson.


    Janet M. and Roy M. Keene to Melissa C. Davis and Jefferson L. Davis Jr.


    Richard A. ad Theresa C. Fisher to Marissa and Chris Fisher.


    Rodney V. and Judith L. Leach to Sherry L. and Gary P. Peltier.

    Sherry L. and Gary P. Peltier to Rodney V. and Judith L. Leach.

    Randolph R. Purinton and Anita F. Sarro to Bruce & Karen Claflin Family Trust.

    Phillip T. George to Phillip T. George Revocable Trust and Judith L. George Revocable Trust.

    M.A. Brickfield, Mary Ann Ruda Brickfield and Peter J. Brickfield EST to Peter J. & Mary Ann Ruda Brickfield Revocable Trust.


    Donna M. Carr to T.R. Dillon Logging Inc.

    Jasmine Schmidt and Jasmine Greenleaf to Ford Properties LLC.

    Reginald Ricker to Jolene Jean.


    Lawrence Caldwell, Wells Fargo Bank NA TR, and Renaissance Home Equity Loan to Gregory Ingraham.

    Gregory Ingraham to Nichole Ingraham.


    Mark W. Haskell to James M., Brandy E., Sara A., Bert W., Joanne M., and Proctor W. Wells.

    Joan M. Light to Kathy and Kevin Coffin.


    Scott C. Overlook to Kenneth, Catherine, and John Rossbach.

    Wayne Lanning to Penelope Johnson Dougherty and Dillon S. Dougherty.

    Pamela M. Mountain to Craig Picard.

    Ariel Birke and Luke Olson to Luke Olson and Ariel Birke.

    Randall W. and Judy Ann Creamer to Linda J. York and Michael W. Freeman.


    Mark H. Llewellyn to Rebecca E. Reynolds and Carmen Knox.

    Town of Monroe to Kenneth and Holly Nealley.

    Town of Monroe to Christopher Burbelo and Erika Sawyer Burbelo.

    Town of Monroe to Jason Beraka.


    Michelle Beaulieu, Gregory and Michelle Whitcomb to Zoe J. Kennedy and Ian Golder.

    Gardiner Moody to Kacie Edmunds.

    Kristen Potter to Adam and Samantha L. Smith.


    Temple Heights Improvement Association to Charles Dhyse.

    Diana S. Sanderson to Joanne P. Curtis and Harvey J. Curtis III.

    Alicia M. Prescott to Robert F. Prescott Sr.

    Joan and John G. Muldoon.

    Charles R. Grossman to Margo Burnham and Kenneth Kornfield.

    Stephanie A.C. Miksis, Jennifer I. Nargesian, Victoria Bucklin, and Haig Nargesian to Deborah Ferrante.

    Bernard Hennessey to Jon Poto.

    Robert W. Vermilyea to Carl Zaniboni.

    Jules E. Bernard III to Dale Nealey.


    Timothy Gooch to Amy and Virgel Hammonds.

    Holly D. Kaloustian to S.D. Childs & Sons Excavation Inc.

    Christine A. Saban to Susie K. Potter EST.

    Susie K. Potter EST to Bruce W. Potter.

    Bruce W. Potter to Christine A. Saban.


    Marion E. Hanscom to Sandra M. Johnson, David Mitchell, and Michael S. Tardiff.

    Zona Fuller and Zona Pollard to Beauty & The Beast 390 LLC.

    Ruby Hills EST to John Hills.

    Maine State Housing Authority to George Jordan Revocable Trust.


    William F. Storms to Calvin and Makaila Redden.

    Elsie S. Weaver EST to Ann L. Baniukiewicz.

    Sandra Y. Schaller to Paul A. Tibbetts.

    Albert Hall IV to Daniel P. Owens.

    Janie A., Joseph H., Joseph J., and Janie A. Plummer to Virginia G. Aguilar and Lori L. Lamprecht.

    Michael J. Nicholson to Von Moots LLC.

    Town of Searsport to Richard B. Miller.

    Richard B. Miller to Gloria J. and L. Douglas Brown.

    Stockton Springs

    Roger H. and Carol L. Greene to Lawrence E. Dehrer and Brandy C. Goss-Dehrer.

    Frances E. Doyle to Blaine L. and Dorothy A. Jones.

    LR Investments Trust to Ryan S. Peterson.

    A. Michael Weber Intervivos Trust Agreement, Michael A. Webber TR, and Maria Webber TR to Howard Berk Trust.

    A. Michael Weber Intervivos Trust Agreement, Michael A. Webber TR, and Maria Webber TR to A. Michael Weber.

    Leon S. Hopkins and Infinity Federal Credit Union to Infinity Federal Credit Union.

    U.S. Bank National Association and Michelle Brown to U.S. Bank National Association.


    David R. Cook to Colleen J. Stentiford and Arthur B. Stentiford III.

    Myndee D. Sprague and Myndee D. Gilmore to Kristin K. and Hayle Grover.

    Frederick James Moylen II Estate to Thomas Beal Sr. and Vicki Beal.


    Lawrence Caldwell, Wells Fargo Bank NA TR, and Renaissance Home Equity Loan to Gregory Ingraham.

    Beatrice E. Bryant Living Trust to Hui and Todd Converse.

    Michael and Joan McGagh to Laura D. Turner.


    Gerald and Linda Parker to Kurt and Randal Parker.

    Chris Percival and Deborah Walters to Maureen B. and Robert Bellis.


    Leroy Trull EST to Jeffrey M. Bishop.

    Dieter W.F. Schiller EST to Carmen C. Schiller.

    Charles A. Wing to Erin M. and William S. Pelletier.


    April Lee McFarland to Danielle Mayer and Silas Walsh.


    Noah and Addie Peet to Catherine P. and Andrew S. Garrett.

    Lance M. El-Hajj to Phillip A. Holmes and Hannah R. Snyder.

    21st Mortgage Corporation and Twenty First Mortgage Corporation to Eric J. Gunderson.

    Wayne C. Tripp to Siouxsun L. Demashaies.

    John F. & Shirley B. Seekins Living Trust to Ryan B. and Rebecca A. Richards.

    Donald and Melanie Campbell to Meadow Ridge Farm LLC.

    Ann R. Wilbanks  to Donna E. and Zachary M. Short.

    Elmer R. Mcauliffe to Elmer R. and Debora A. Mcauliffe.

    Marjorie E. Ellingwood EST to Eric D. Ellingwood.

    Timothy Moran to Megan Moran and Meaghan Moran.

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