Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 12:30am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Dec. 12-28.


    Patricia L. and David J. August to Judith H. and Angel Bas.

    Maine Coast Tender Services Inc. to Forty Eight Marshall Wharf LLC and 48 Marshall Wharf LLC.

    Paulie O. O’Neill and Albert J. O’Neill to Katy Green and Daniel Barnett-Parker.

    Snyder Irrevocable Trust to Tammy M. Snyder.

    Tammy M. Snyder to Tammy M. Snyder and Erik Eriksen.

    Mary Kaldenbaugh and Ronald Garfinkel to John L. Richards Sr.

    Roy A. Rodgers to Kevin J. and Sara S. Bridwell.

    Scarf Enterprises LLC to Jayne L. and Steve R. Bowler.

    Elizabeth C. Abbott Living Trust and Elizabeth C. Abbott Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Timothy C. Place.

    Kevin L. Ward EST to Lawrence J. Ward and Bryce I. Bearse.

    City of Belfast to Clean Plate LLC.

    Debra A. O’Leary to Richard L. Pickering.

    Phyllis A. Kelley EST to Coleen A. Marsh and Bruce and Eugene Kelley.

    Margie Ray Nickerson and Michael L. Nickerson to Leah ad Jason Bannister.

    Thomas H. Tingle and Marian Hyde to Hyde-Tingle Family Trust.

    John G. Arrison and Janet Hall Arrison to Revocable Trust of Polly A. Hardy.

    Michael Tracey to Matthew J. Needle Revocable Trust.


    Audrey E. and Paul E. Muir to Astrid M. Bowlby and Kevin S. Strickland.

    Thomas Bennett to Tina Maccarone and Paul Paon.


    Hans J. and Elizabeth A. Kaufman to Hans J. Kaufman.

    Hans J. Kaufman to Bert L. and Janet L. Corrigan.

    Mark and Michelle Fortin to Mikel A. and Laurie A. Davis.


    David B. Lawler to Morgan Bay Boat Company Inc.

    Town of Frankfort to David Lawler.

    Town of Frankfort to Rhonda E. and John V. Chambers.

    Lisa Landers to Shawn P. Burke.

    Daniel Robbins to Shawn P. Burke.

    Shawn Burke to Ben R. Lansing.


    Holly Nadeau to Victoria Locke and Timothy Locke Jr.

    Frances Elle Ward Revocable Trust to Frances E. Ward Revocable Trust.


    David S. Palmer to David S. Palmer Supplemental Care Trust.

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jay T. Zlotkowski.

    James C. and Carol Woodman to Christine Noonan and Cynthia Green.

    Wendy Stebbins to Daniel S. and Jennifer L. Bailey.

    Susan S. Dillon QTIP to Susan S. Dillon.

    Susan S. Dillon to Joan S. Frost.


    Howard Francis Blessing and Karen Christine Blessing to Blessing Family Trust.

    Elizabeth Ann Vanidestine to James F. Watts.


    Birchwood Group LLC to Ashwood Group LLC.


    Margaret M. Nigro to Margaret M. Nigro Revocable Trust.


    Frank Getchell and Janet Maleski to Scott Macchi.

    Brent Young to William P. and Deidre R. Briggs.

    Thomas F. Oelerich to Oelerich Family Trust.

    Peter A. Thomas to Zackary J. Thomas.


    Peoples United Bank and Priscilla Hayward to Daniel J. Ford.


    Howard Francis Blessing to Blessing Family Trust.

    Kathy M. Foley to Neal C. Foley.

    Susan M. Okeeffe to Kevin A. Hoover and Alyssa N. Reich.

    Elizabeth and Frank Walsh to Brian D. and Leslie A. Simmons.


    Town of Northport to Lisa Ladd.

    Leslie A. Staples to Norman C. Landry and Grace L. Dodge.

    Stephen J. and Carol Ann Colley to Leslie J. and Lawrence J. Bergen.

    John Arthur Samuelson EST to Ross E. Martin and Jordana Munk Martin.

    Don A. and John L. Samuelson to Ross E. Martin and Jordana Munk Martin.

    Don A. and John L. Samuelson to Ross E. Martin and Jordana Munk Martin.

    Madaleine G. Sullivan to Kevin D. Sullivan.

    Lisa M. Ladd to Mary K. and Robert L. Bonin.

    Michael Sobota to Anna Wagner.


    Penny G. Powell Living Trust to Penny G. Powell Family Living Trust.

    Richard C. and Joan W. Taylor to State of Maine and State of Maine - Fisheries.

    Louis M. and Susan M. Kunkel to Kunkel Investment Trust.

    Frederick K. and Nancy J. Williams to Mary C. and Dan Sprague.


    Ray L. and Kristi L. Hedgpath to Dustin P. Hedgpath.

    Wade E. Harvey to Donald P. Johnson.


    Jo-Ann Wilson to John N.L. Smith.

    Carole B. and Donald L. Horch to Ashley K. and Tyler A. Durant.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Kenneth G. Lawton.


    Janet G. Mongillo to Daniel Wing.

    Mechanics Savings Bank to Tracy and Jedidiah Colby.

    Stockton Springs

    Mary R. Johnson to Tracy Bernosky and Richard Berosky III.

    Robbins & Pomeroy Land Development Inc. to Irving Williams.

    Universal Capital LLC to Nicholas D. and Jessica D. Keppeler.

    Patience Johnson to Gregory Perkins.


    Gail Budzyna to Budzyna 2016 Trust.

    Rachel Thompson Norgang, Rebecca, Benjamin, and Rachel Thompson to Chad Tozier.


    David G. Piscioneri, Jason Sedor, and Dominick Papale to Joseph Teodosio Jr. and Anthony P. Teodosio.

    Jeremiah E. Sullivan III to Jeremiah E. Sullivan III and Elizabeth M. Sullivan.

    Maine State Grange Patrons of Husbandry to Timelines Community Inc.


    Camille M. and Gregory A. Brodek to Clover Hill Farm LLC.

    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Benjamin Stow.

    Suzanne Chauvin Joy to Adam R. Joy.


    Nathan D. Williams to Ian W. and Nicole L. Morphew.

    Chad H. Tozier to Premier Investments LLC.

    Chad H. Tozier to Chad H. Tozier.

    Walter B. Fernald Family Trust to Dale R. Foster.


    Thelma A. Kenney to Terry A. St. Pierre.

    Paul Staples to Patrick Reilly.

    Steven A. Saucier to Heidi Gordon and Arthur Porter.


    Colby E. Clendenning to Colby E. and Donna M. Clendenning.

    Angelia Thompson and Elmer J. Thompson Jr. to Brandon S. Fogg.

    Andrew C. Dixon and Andrew Dixon to Linda L. and Francois N. Dubois.

    Wilhilmina Manocal Cannon to Patrick R. Norwood and Aimee L. Deighan.

    Lyne M. Arcarese and Lynn M. Mei to Nelson Gray.

    Giles Property Management LLC to Christie W. Nolin and Daniel A. Nolin.

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