Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 8:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 29 - Dec. 12.


    Ruth E. Shaw to Joan M. Bass.

    Peter H. and Stephanie H. Taylor to Andrew K. Peters and Samantha P. Gilligan.

    Coastal Enterprises Inc. to Coastal Enterprises Inc.

    Kevin L. and Adeline I. Kenney to John P. and Rhonda D. Wentworth.

    Cynthia Turner and Cynthia Turner Dunlap to Laura A. and Christopher J.. Lougheed.

    Mark A. and Anne Feeley to Hunt Irrevocable Separate Share Trust.

    HSBC Mortgage Services Inc to Michael Reynolds.

    Mushrall Properties LLC to Robert D. Mushrall II.

    Robert R. Young Sr. to Raymond E. Young.

    Diamantopoulos Family Trust, Nicholas D., and Nicolas A. Diamantopoulos  to Elsa R. Mead.

    Brenda L. and John P. Mullen to Thbarn LLC.


    Town of Brooks to Diane Littlefield and Diane Haskell.

    Judith A. Ferreira to Judith A. Ferreira Revocable Trust.

    Jeffrey A. Applegate to Leanne V. Hanley and Karen Finan.


    Richard and Patti-Ann Gatti to Gatti Family Revocable Trust.

    Blake K. and Jennifer J. Hunt to Blake K. Hunt.

    Blake K. Hunt to Heidi Lynn Roy and Leo D. Roy.


    Town of Frankfort to Leon Seymour.

    Julianna T. Wood to Robert A. and Catherine U. Gerrish.


    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2004-2 and Wells Fargo Bank National Association TR to Alan Investments III LLC.

    Timothy C. Turner to Billie Jean Savage and Dylan G. Turner.


    Stanley Pendleton and Diana Roberts to Jann and Peter Davidson.

    Peter J.P. Brickfield  and M.A. Ruda to Ashley S. Pehrson and Ewell B. Storm.

    Eileen M. Boardman to Richard A. and Carol A. Boardman.


    Robert C. and Lori A. Crossen to Steven M. and Nancy T. Lindsay.


    Eric Mills Merriam and Douglas Paul Merriam to Kenneth H. and Michelle L. Larrabee.


    Robin H. Goodale and Robin Horowitz Milgram to David St. Clair.

    Gregory S. Joliat to Leslie G. and Herbert A. Joliat.


    William A. McLellan Jr. EST to Elizabeth A. McLellan.

    Jeannette G. Wootton to Charles A. Wootton and Martha Jo Hipsher.

    Jason P. Peasley, Penny A. Mills, and Penny A. Mills-Peasley to Penny A. Mills-Peasley and Jason P. Peasley.

    Iris McKay Dougherty to Thomas W. McKay.

    Patricialee A. and William C. Shuttleworth to Cynthia E. Pearce.

    Patricialee A. and William C. Shuttleworth to Cynthia E. Pearce.


    Philip A. Dalto to Eric Cohen-Solal and Nancy Duran Lanson.


    Jay and Christine Legore to Jack Fahey and Tracy Brown.

    Richard W. and Edward T. Keller to Kimberly S. and Peter M. Sheff.

    Richard W. Keller to Edward T. Keller.


    Robert H. and Angelia R. Thomas to Melanie T. and Gregory G. Berry.

    Christopher M. and Stephanie S. Vella to Scott T. and Lora J. Belknap.

    Kenneth M. and Diane C. Weymouth to Adam C. Weymouth.


    Trudy Miller and Robert Fargey to Donna Dubrow.

    S. Joel  Karp to S. Joel Karp 2016 Trust.

    Barbara Karp 1998 Trust to S. Joel Karp.

    S. Joel Karp to S. Joel Karp 2016 Trust.

    Felicia D. and Dominick Tribuzio to Gregory P. Desart Living Trust.


    Lloyd A. Harris EST and Lloyd Ashley Harris Jr. EST to Stephen L. Slonia Jr.

    Raymond & Barbara Shaw Family Revocable Trust to Jacqueline R. Herd and Stephen R. Shaw.

    Roger and Sherryl Pratt to Caroline P. Caswell.

    Sarah Hazell to Larry Bradbury.

    Cecil H. Brann EST to Midcoast Conservancy.


    Louis Linscott to Jacqueline Zollman.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Walter M. Lamont Jr.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Walter M. Lamont Jr.


    Carol Sue Omness to Ahmed Abdelsalam Ali Mostafa and Laurence Ibrahim.

    Douglas C. Norman and Alan R. Mandel to Marlarae L. and Kristian L. Boehmer.

    Norman B. Moulton and Karen R. Jacobs to Sylvia C. and Norman B. Moulton.

    Kent Joseph Osborn and Farinaz Osborn to Julie A. Jenkins and Linda W. Harris.

    Tracy Gilley to Melissa J. and Adam C. Blair.

    Paula Taha to Joanna W. Owen Revocable Trust Agreement.

    Joyce L. Morse to Joyce L. and Theodore C. Morse and Linda M. Payson.

    Wendy Vaughan, HSBC Bank USA National Association TR. and Fremont Home Loan Trust 2005-E to Fremont Home Loan Trust 2005-E and HSBC Bank USA National Association TR.


    Thomas J. and Laura G. Parisi to Michael J. and Joanne T. Parisi.

    Thomas J. and Laura G. Parisi to Michael J. and Joanne T. Parisi.

    Michael Bissell, James H. Curry, and Anthony J. Perna Jr. to Christina A. and Frank J. Caputo.

    John B.. Rancourt Sr. to John B. Rancourt Sr. and Ruth A. Rancourt.


    Cathryn and Paul D. Harjung to Sofia and Philip Harjung.

    Frederick A. and Patricia C. Nealley to Patricia C. and Frederick A. Nealley.

    Anthony R. Gerry to Errol W. Ireland II.


    Wendy Wallace and Wendy B. Esposito to Wendy B. and Robert F. Esposito.

    Rae Jean Knowles and Robert E. Knowles to Robert F. and Wendy B. Esposito.


    Dresser Properties LLC to Christopher G. Elliott.

    Linda M.. Harriman and Linda M. Mallory to Timothy W. Harriman.

    Timothy W. Harriman to Timothy W. Harriman Revocable Living Trust.

    Ryan M. and Emily B. Parker to Mainely Org LLC.

    Acadia Hospital Corp to Acadia Healthcare Inc.

    John B. Rancourt Sr. to John B. Rancourt Sr. and Ruth A. Rancourt.

    Bernard E. Littlefield to Kimberly A. and Leora J. Lange.

    Ray C. Noddin to Ray C. Noddin II.

    Abbie I. Thompson to Amy Myshrall.

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