Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 12/30/2014 - 8:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded Nov. 1-8 in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds. 


    Crow Star Corporation to Crusty Crab LLC.

    Therese B. Swebilius to Angela and Douglas Domenichelli.


    Jeffrey L., Michael J., Steven J., George G. Jr., and Cynthia Marsankis and Kathryn Gambee to Steven J. and Marilyn Marsankis.


    Debra A. Dettor to Timothy M. Conmee.


    Eldon E. Lenfest Jr. to Byron P. and Kathy J. Harriman.


    Green Tree Servicing LLC, Thomas G. and Joyce L. Alden to Federal National Mortgage Association.


    Josephine A. and Carl E. Cooley to William Cooley.

    Roberta W. Feist and Roberta C. Woodard to Tammie Ann Hendrickson and Robert G. Van Der Meiren Jr.


    Thomas Lapointe to Stacy and Michael Real.

    Roland L. Singer III to Donald Harriman Sr.

    Diane N. Grosser to Deborah C. Cunningham.

    Cynthia Mae Baker and Cynthia Mae McAvoy to James A. Baker.


    Stevens Famimly Trust to Thompson Guy.

    Bruce D. Richards to Jesse E. Richards.

    Christine Buckley, Phillip Clement and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

    George L. and Rosemary Y. Winslow to Edith Spofford Watts Trust.


    Daniel E. McQuilkin to Darcie J. Moody.

    Randall, Prudence and Randell Trudeau to Sandra J. Gaylor.


    Joseph R. and Sally Rae Thornley to Leopold S. and Deborah A. Laufer.


    Julian G. Sheffield and Deidre J. Good to Michael A. and Karen J. Trasatti.

    Jonathan L. Pardee to Joanne Pardee Curtis Living Trust.

    Joseph D. Dudley Est to Scott D. and Charles A. Newman.

    Frederick D. Dudley Est to Miriam Ann Newman Est.

    Miriam Ann Newman Est to Scott D. and Charles A. Newman.

    Saturday Cove Properties LLC to Suzanne and Ethan Dubrow.


    Janet L. and Jet J. Richardson to Timothy C. Richardson.

    Barbara and Rodney Prosser to Keandra R. and Emily N. Prosser.

    Timothy C., Barry E., Peter A., Jonathan M., Kay E., Ann K., and Janet B. Richardson to Barbara and Rodney Prosser.

    Raymond E. Doughty to Nancy B. Beecher.

    Dale A. and Pamela J. McKenney to Great Expectations For Early Learners LLC.

    Rose McAdams and Arley L. McAdams III to Hayley M. and Daniel C. Newman.


    John Joseph Hannaford Est to Carol Marie Hannaford.


    Maine State Housing Authority and William J. Molina to Maine State Housing Authority.

    John F. McGowan to John F. McGowan Living Trust.

    Thomas E. Miller to Joanne and John Decesere.

    Stockton Springs

    Virginia E. Caldwell Est to Leslie Hills.

    Leslie Hills to Michael J. Ross Jr.

    Ellen S. Pepi Est to Lynn Blanchard-Caesar and Richard Caesar.


    Wamu Series 2007-HE4 to Tammy French.

    Trott Forest Products Inc.to Exeter Land LLC.


    Trott Forest Products Inc. to Leslie Pelkey.

    Ellen F. Cummings to James R. Cummings.

    David M. Leanna M. and Dale D. Rowley to Erin E. Amadon.


    George L. Mitchell Est to James B. Nutter & Company.

    Christine L. and William R. Stone to Emily Newell.

    Chad E. O'Brien to Elizabeth A. Delucia.


    Addie W. Price, Noah V. and Addie W. Peet to Stanley and Lee Ann Bowden.

    Addie W. Price, Noah V. and Addie W. Peet to Suzanne N. Foster and Lawrence O. Foster Jr.

    Addie W. and Noah V. Price to Biran W. and Christine M. Keeley.

    People United Bank and John T. Gallagher to Dale Noyes.

    David M. and Deborah L. Thompson to Lou D. and Warren W. James.

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