Waldo County deed transfers

Wed, 09/06/2023 - 6:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 21-25.


    Erin D. and Kyle E. Payson to John F. and Mary A. Dodge. 

    Janet Thompson, Jennifer Shugars, and Judith J. Walter to Vianca N. Jupka. 

    Megan S. Hauger and Jason M. Robeson to C.J. M. Freeman. 

    Courtney Burns to James J. Martin II.

    John A. Cashman and David F. Giroux to Belfast Harbor Condominiums LLC. 


    Amanda J. Heath to Danielle and Sean Lawrence. 


    Bethany A. Boublis and Anthony J. Baublis Jr. to Baublis Living Trust. 

    James A. and Karen R. Lane to Paul Dodge. 

    Edward C. Spaulding to Edward C. and Scott Spaulding. 


    Eric C. Weintz to Weintz Family Trust. 

    Elizabeth Weintz Cerf to Beppie & Bob Cerf Living Trust. 

    Thrumcap Holdings Inc. to Well House Dock. 


    Cynthia S. Deitch to Molly C. Ginn. 

    Robert R. Moore Est. and Philip R. Moore to Robert R. Moore Living Trust. 


    Marilyn I. Doliber Est. to Nicholas J. Estrate and Kristen Timchak.

    Ingram Equipment Co. to Beauregard Maine Realty LLC.


    Lori Lapenta to John Degregorio Jr. 


    John M. and Terrie L. Kelly to Alexandra L. and Cody E. Laite. 

    Patricia T. Becker to Becker Trust. 


    Bucktail LLC to Chet Harrington. 


    Andrew R. and Aubrey E. Mueller to Melissa Volkman. 

    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas TR., Saxon Asset Securities Trust 2003-3, Roberto Santana, Roberto R. Santana Jr., and Maria Santana to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas TR., Saxon Asset Securities Trust 2003-3.

    John C. and Lillian Ficker to Joseph Gregory. 


    Federal National Mortgage Association, Stephen P. Cummings Sr., Cheryl A. Cummings, and Stephen P. Cummings Sr. Est. to Federal National Mortgage Association. 

    Jean M. and Philip A. Stuart to Audrey Morris Trust. 


    Timothy and Nancy Mahoney to Dens Leonis 506 LLC.

    Diane L. Vogue to Diane L. and Kenneth Vigue. 


    James W. Bruffy to Bruce V. and Mary L. Gallup. 


    Larry G. and Connie L. Hamilton to Stephanie R. and Brendyn G. Sarnacki.

    Warren J. Buchanan to Chris E. Buchanan. 

    Brian Staples and John Richards Sr. to Sally-Ann L. Long. 

    Timothy S. and Gayle S. Jewett to Laila E. Morris. 

    Patrick B. and Theresa A. Merithew to Destiny E. Ward and Skip A. Marriner. 

    Agnes Kalin and Agnes Pierce to Paul Gobeil. 

    Wayne C. Hamilton to Zoe Pendleton McGown. 

    Wayne C. Hamilton to Jennifer H. and Daniel C. Rich. 

    Daniel C. and Jennifer J. Rich to Wayne C. Hamilton. 

    Daniel C. and Jennifer J. Rich to Northeast Retirement LLC. 

    Daniel C. and Jennifer J. Rich to Northeast Retirement LLC.

    Stockton Springs

    Craig R. Perkins Est. to Courtney S. and David L. Coffman. 

    Douglas J. and Sarah W. Goodman to Goodman Family Trust. 

    Lisa Marie O. Haugmoen to Nicholas C. Rigas and Mark F. Huffstetler. 


    Joanne G. Smith Est. to Travis M. Smith. 

    Bruce and Rebecca Mailloux to Robin Desmond. 

    Richard Curtis and Jennifer Curtis Est. to Richard G. Curtis Living Trust. 


    Thomas McWalters and Carleen Johnson to Johnson McWalters Family Trust. 


    Christopher S. and Georgia D. Palmer to Quercus Mortgage Investment Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR.

    John Walker to Maine Construction LLC. 

    Bruce C. Inman to Michael A. Inman. 

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com