Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 09/02/2023 - 11:45am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 14-18.


    Elizabeth Oherin Rugo Trust to Jan M. Eakins. 

    Robert J. Gallo and Elaine Jones to Wise Solutions LLC. 

    Bernice S. Knox to Bernice Knox Living Trust.

    Caitlyn C. and Troy H. Chubbuck to Megan and Daniel Britton. 

    Sylvia J. and Gary C. Woods to Belinda Woods.

    Suzanne S. Campe and Ines Karner to Hayley M. Newman. 

    Mary B. Weaver to Mary B. Weaver Living Trust. 

    Muriel O. Hart Est. to Christopher Backert.


    Cindy L. Trundy and Cindy L. Jackson to Pamela A. Stern. 

    Carey Davis to Draper Irrevocable Family Trust. 


    Vaughn M., Daniel P., David A., and Andrew A. Jordan to Philip Jordan LLC.


    Elizabeth W. Hayden to James E. Hayden Jr., Elizabeth W., and Deborah A. Hayden. 


    Daniel W. Larrabee to Rowanna  Llyn Herndon. 


    Ramsay H. Slugg Revocable Trust and Ramsay H. Slugg Trust to Ramsay H. Slugg Family Trust. 

    Michael W. and Sheila E. Marriner to Marriner Irrevocable Family Trust. 

    John T. Dayhoof IV to John T. Dayhoof IV and Annie F. Brown. 

    Ronald W. and Cheryl Cobb to Andrew B. Shapiro. 

    Megan S. Hauger to Jason M. Robeson.


    Camden Center LLC to Bayside Real Estate Holdings LLC.

    Bayside Real Estate Holdings LLC to JJR LLC.

    Teresa A. and Steven A. Carvalho to Ruth Mazzeo. 

    Magnificent Seven Limited Partnership to Beatrice I. and Jeffrey A. Young. 


    James Nash to Nash Family Revocable Trust. 

    Andrew P. Barr to Marilyn R. Barr.

    Jeremy C. Barr to Marilyn R. Barr. 

    Cheryl R. Barr to Marilyn R. Barr. 

    Marilyn R. Barr to Kathleen L. and Horace C. McIntire. 


    Cameron Depaola and Joshua Luce to Rodney C. and Patricia S. Brown. 


    Lynn M. and Travis S. Nelson to Kyle M. Nelson. 


    Eric J. Leblanc to Eric J. and Cheryl S. Leblanc. 

    Wendy L. Dunbar to Derek W. and Wendy L. Dunbar. 

    Stockton Springs

    Betty Fraser to Natascia G. La Verde. 

    William J. Burton Est. to Margaret T. Burton Secure SNT.


    Jill Meyer to Briauna M. Norman.

    Sonia I. Vazquez to Hunter Nichols.


    Jacqueline C. Shurtleff to Devon and Patrick Devaney. 


    Giggey Family Realty Trust to Stephen M. Giggey.

    J&J Edwards Properties LLC to Trenton Real Estate LLC.

    J&J Edwards Properties LLC to Trenton Real Estate LLC.


    Bruce D., Barbara C., and Michael B. Sprague to Michael B. Sprague, Mihyon , and Justin C. Sprague.


    Vaughn M., Daniel P., David A., and Andrew A. Jordan to Philip Jordan LLC. 

    Aaron L. Neville to John Patrick and Patty D. Stevens. 

    Kyle Knox to Robert and Gabrielle Colson.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com