Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 05/23/2023 - 8:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds May 8-12. 


    Ryan N. Parsons to Ecologix Homes LLC.

    Doris R. Schmidt to Harold G. Robinson Est.

    Crosby Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Karen L. Mehorter. 


    Hartley E. and Deborah Jackson to Christopher Simmons. 


    Catherine L. Bagley to Catherine L. and Jon R. Bagley. 


    Charles O. Verrill to Michael and Mark Clayton. 

    Michael Clayton to Michael Clayton and Virginia Hess. 

    Mark Clayton to Michael and Mark Clayton.

    John A. and Jessica R. Oldham to John & Jessica R. Oldham Living Trust. 

    John A. and Jessica R. Oldham to John & Jessica R. Oldham Living Trust. 


    Scott and Cherdelle Bryant to Allura Bryant. 


    Patricia McDonald, Cheryl A. Curry, Muriel and Baxter Elkins, Denise Harriman, Glenice Crosby, and Maynard W. Elkins HRS to Cheryl A. Curry.


    Cassandra Horton to Sandra and David W. St. Clair. 

    Sandra and David W. St. Clair to Cassandra Horton. 

    Harry J. Hendricks Jr. to Harry J. Hendricks Jr. and Bethany L. Kress. 

    The Town of Liberty to Steven and Mary Jewett. 


    Woster Farm LLC to Paul C. Leeper and Debra E. McIntyre. 

    Kenneth A. Boody Est. to Adam G. and Christa N. Boody. 

    John A. Black Revocable Trust to Lottie and Edward Fordham. 

    Beverly R. Black Revocable Trust to Lottie and Edward Fordham.

    Shauna L. Lasbury and Mary E. Clewett to Mary E. Clewett Living Trust and Shauna L. Lasbury Living Trust. 


     Jerry V. Robbins Jr. and Mary Robbins, U.S. Bank Trust National Association Tr., RCF Acquisition Trust, and Jerry V. Robbins to LT Investments LLC. 


    Robin W. Hood to Bruce Bailey. 


    Gary and Candace Ridgway to Ridgway Trust. 


    Kevin Brassbridge to Kimberly and Richard Phillips. 


    Jules S. and Aaron P. Johnson to Walter E. Fitzjurls, and Alison R. Karl-Wellman. 


    Bruce A. and Rebecca H. Mailloux to Joseph and Susan Woods. 


    Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to United States of America - HUD.


    Battle Hymn Homes Inc. to Austin Reed. 

    Robert P. Fordyce to the Town of Unity. 

    The Town of Unity to Ronald A. Hubbard HRS.


    Rese Holdings LLC to Preston Property Management LLC. 

    Diane H. Philbrick Living Trust to James E. Turner.

    Maine Construction LLC to Zane Wetzel.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com