Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 05/02/2022 - 5:45pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Feb. 1-14. 


    Harvey S. Knight to Linden D. and Heather L. Frederick. 

    Andrew Pollock to Thomas G. Dolan III and Melinda P. Dolan.

    248 Northport LLC and Two Hundred Forty Eight Northport LLC to Andorra Ventures LLC. 

    Lynn D. Mobley to Lynn Dimond Mobley Revocable Trust. 

    Peter R. Hanson to Annette Tripp.

    Annette Tripp to Peter R. Hanson. 

    Jeanette Faunce to Brian D. Frus and Stephanie M. Natale. 

    Wilma B. Moses and Lawrence L. Moses II to Lisa Moses Mosher.


    Amy I. Bradford and Amy I. Flood to Amy I. and Kyle J. Bradford. 


    Russell P. Lord to Linda J. Lord. 

    Gordon F. Wood to Bryann and Rachel A. Lentz. 


    Steven F. Zambesi to Riley J. Heaney. 

    Florence May Irish Est. to Lewis B.I. Irish, Gloria Marcia, April and Macky McAllister, Lewis B. Irish II, and Isreal and Laura Irish.

    Gloria Marcia, April and Macky McAllister, Lewis B. Irish II, and Isreal and Laura Irish to Lewis B.I. Irish I. 

    Lewis I. Irish to Lewis B. Irish II. 

    Lewis B. Irish II to Lewis B. Irish II and Vira L. Irish. 

    Matthew Braley to Daniel W. di Meo Jr. and Jessica L. di Meo. 


    Earl E. Baker to RSA Properties LLC.


    Mark A. Fruehauf Est. to Carrie Reed.


    David A. Pill and Hillary Maharam to 904 Billy Shore LLC and Nine Hundred Four Billy Shore LLC.

    CCM Real Estate I LLC to Charles F. Bradley and Jeremy A. Butler. 

    Timothy J. and Laurel L. Taylor to Timothy, Elisa, Patrick, and Laura Mulcahy. 


    Ralph D. and Elaine L. Johnston to Paul D. Teigeler and Nancy J. Culver. 

    Lauren Ard and Warren H. Ard III to 41 Kirby LLC and Forty One Kirby LLC. 

    Mary K. Ard and Mary K. Dooby to 41 Kirby LLC and Forty One Kirby LLC. 

    Marcia E. Cibotti Est. to Brian E. Cibotti. 

    Josephine D. Bohlke Est. to Lisa Fischman, and Christine and Paul Waring.

    Laura A. Curcione to Matthew P. Riley and Molly G. Lloyd. 


    Jerry L. and Renee L. Liabraaten to Kirk Round and Liv Valo. 

    Rosendel Gerry to N. Gerry Rosendel Living Trust.

    Rosendel N. Gerry to N. Gerry Rosendel Living Trust.

    Ivan J. Wasserman and Molly A. Elkin to Elkin Wasserman Revocable Trust. 

    George D. Andreaus to Ryan Lawrence.

    Vance M. and Ree M. Wells to Vance M. Wells Jr. and Ree M. Wells. 

    Samuel S. Stopak  and Mia C. Kogan to Penobscot Bay LLC. 


    Bucktail LLC to Morgan and Wanda Pillsbury.. 

    Virginia R. Hodge to Andrea and Taylor J. Maloney.


    Charles P., Constance, and William W. Hooper, and Debra S. Lamson to Douglas W. and Charles W. King. 


    Daniel Morrison to Daniel and Tinsley Morrison. 

    Carol Kuhn to Howard P. Sawyer III and Marcia Ryan.

    Charles T. Morecraft Trust and Janet Morecraft Trust to Einar Stole and  Suzanne Jan De Beur.


    Craig and Alice Kramer to Michael Catania and Jan Rosenfeld. 


    Raymond P. Seamans to Raymond P. and Regina C. Seamans. 


    Michael A. Rolerson to Michael A. and Jenna Rolerson. 

    Walter W. Wetmore to Walter W. Wetmore and Mirra Kohlmoos. 


    Christopher C. and Diane-Marie S. Colby to Vickie R. Bessel. 

    Gerald R. Cross Jr., Karen Cross, and Karen Jackson to Hannah R. and Craig M. Lane. 

    Stockton Springs

    Frances J. Miller Revocable Trust to Richard Novak and Barbara Smith-Novak. 


    Bear Mountain LLC to Andrew Roberts. 

    Raymond P. Seamans to Raymond P. and Regina C. Seamans. 

    Jerry V. Robbins Jr. and Cindy L. Robbins to Cindy L. Robbins. 

    Rebecca E. Dickey and Alan J. Dickey Jr. to Austin N. Dickey. 

    Terry and Lauretta S. Sawyer to Peter and Jessica Natale. 


    Anthony P. Teodosio and Joseph Teodosio Jr. to Anthony P. Teodosio,and Joseph Teodosio Jr. 

    The Town of Thorndike to Jeffrey R. Henry. 

    Stephen G. Fowler to Gary A. and Jennifer L. Fowler. 


    Christopher L. Bouchard to Christopher L. and Barbara Bouchard. 


    Garrett L. Morrison Est. to Thomas W. and Amy I. Hayden. 

    Barry A. McCormick to Michael J. McCormick. 

    Joseph Schenk to Nicole J. Olson. 

    John F. and Susan A. Piotti to Bowsprit Foundation. 


    Barbara M. White and Timothy S. White Sr. to Alisha C. Gallant. 

    Pervez Hai to Marek Nurzynski.


    Trent E. Souder to George W. Jordan Jr. and Judith V. Kirk. 

    Travis R. Higgins to Holly Adkins. 

    Steven A. and Tracy A. Parker to Zenon P. Mineo and Corinne M. Meehan. 

    Jason L. and Megan M. Harmon to John-Justin W. and Katherine E. Marcigliano.

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