Waldo County, deed transfers

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 6:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Dec. 30 - Jan. 8.


    Theodore Weaver to Alys O. and Michael A. Hickcox. 

    LSF10 Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank Trust NA TR, Linda K. and Stephen G. Clark to LFS10 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust NA TR. 

    High Street Apartments Limited Partnership to William T. Hafford and Eileen L. McCue. 

    Landon Fake and Margaret Haberman to Richard and Cynthia Clements. 

    Patricia N. Marshall and Patricia A. Nickerson to Laura T. Thurston and Darrell D. Porter. 

    Rober D. Stover Jr. and Judith A. Stover to Jon Burroughs. 

    John P. Voge and Mary L. Krallinger to Robert J. and Denise L. Talbot. 


    Eliza P. Eager to Lori K. Weaver. 


    Gerald G. and Patricia G. Libby to Joshua K. Linscott. 

    Tammy L. Dempsey, Tammy L. and Tammy Lee Blaisdell to Tammy L. and Aime E. Dempsey. 

    Brent Dow to Robert W. Helsel III. 

    Caro F. Boiani to Shawn C. Becker. 


    Lauren M. Colson and Lauren M. Goodfield to Lauren M. Colson and Albert E. Colson Jr. 

    Peter I. Tripp to Earl R. Anderson. 

    Earl Anderson to Francis W. and Cynthia L. Zito. 


    Mary G. Thompson to Norman W. Kirby. 

    Beaver Ridge Wind LLC to Geoff Maciolek. 


    Robin T. Ray to Thomas Raynor. 

    Heather Wyman Hossack Est. to Donald Etchison. 

    Heather Wyman Hossack Est. to Donald Etchison. 


    John E. Patrick to John J. Patrick. 


    Truman Corporation and Turn Key Homes of Maine to Randall J. and Christina A. Barrows. 

    John Gregory Kelly Williams and Kathleen Ann Lawler Williams to John Gregory Kelly Williams and Kathleen Ann Lawler Williams.

    Peter J. and Amy M. Rollins to Erin E. Rollins and Logan B. Leach. 

    Robert G. Winslow to Joshua and Heidi Carle. 

    John Gregory Kelly Williams and Kathleen Ann Lawler Williams to John Gregory Kelly & Kathleen Ann Lawler Williams Revocable Trust. 


    Simply Maine Land LLC to Drew Pickering. 

    Mark L. and Laurie A. Fowler to Davis Dirt Works LLC. 

    Town of Monroe to Adam Vogel. 


    Steve R. Pieczenik to Roberta Pieczenik. 

    Steve R. Pieczenik to Roberta Pieczenik. 


    David R. Drinkwater to Boggs Homes Inc. 

    William D. Regan to Riverstone Realty LLC. 

    Temple Heights Maine LLC to Charles Yarnell. 

    Charles Dhyse to Charles Yarnell. 


    JMT Realty Trust to Mark A. and Cindy L. Audet. 


    Glenwood C. Bennett Jr. to Glenwood C. Bennett Jr. and Donna Bennett. 


    NationaStar Mortgage LLC, Champion Mortgage Company, and Shirley E. Mushero to Federal National Mortgage Association. 

    Erin and David Scalli. 

    Robert M. Cunningham Est. to Troy Moody. 


    Cynthia L. and Francis W. Zito to Jacob and Madison Keniston. 

    Acceptance Linnehan to Christine Nunemaker. 

    Caleb Blake to Beth Hamilton. 


    Kurt H. Parker to Kurt H. and Kerry A. Parker. 

    Frances H. Powell Est. to Derek G. Proctor. 

    Randy and Terry L. Bryant to Randy Bryant Living Trust and Terry L. Bryant Living Trust. 

    David A. and Rita T. Maynard to Ann G. Dunkerly. 


    Ellen W. Tompkins, Rosamond W. Dixon, and Jeanette A. Kittrell to Ellen W. and Nathan S. Tompkins. 

    Helen M. Waltz Est. to Robert A. and Charles Clark, Judy C. Fortin, Lynne C. Estes, and Paul Clark. 

    Robert A. and Charles Clark, Judy C. Fortin, Lynne C. Estes, and Paul Clark to Evelyn M. Clark Family Trust. 


    Joan C. Kirby to Kendra Kirby and Eddie Donnell. 


    Ernest L. and Michael J. Colson, and Linda L. Seekins to Hayward Kingsbury. 

    Trysten and Harli Pelkey to Benjamin D. Cyr. 

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