Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 12/03/2019 - 4:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 11-27. 


    Joan C. and Victor S. Sommers to Daniel W. and Maryann E. Cowan. 

    H. Allen Pottle to Iain Pottle. 

    Donald R. Lemieux to Patricia A. Dyer. 

    Larry D. Theye and Betty Becker-Theye to Donald K. and Wendy W. Schweikert. 

    Diane Dorbin and Diane D. Cook to Alana and Evan Hutchins. 

    Michael Shell to Mary B. and Robert Hogan. 

    Paul E. and Sally M. Foster to F.C. Work & Sons Inc. 

    Doris R. Benner Est. to Penney Bailey. 

    Doris R. Benner Est. to John and Shawn R. Bailey. 

    Doris R. Benner Est. to Penney Bailey. 

    Rared Belfast LLC to Fort Fairfield Holdings LLC. 


    Barbara S. and James E. Bubar to Brian A. and Samantha L. Sealing. 

    Franklin E. Larry Est. to Adam E. Ratterree. 


    Thomas and Marilyn Bennett to Bertrand J. Hebert. 

    Abigail J. King Harriman and Donald J. King to Jonathan D. King. 

    Bank of America NA to Michael J. Smith. 

    Ellen B. Densmore to Ellen B. Densmore and Douglas Stuart. 


    Frederick J. and Cathleen A. Bryant to Andrew and Joanne Deshler. 

    Gatti Family Revocable Trust to Christopher M. Fuhs. 

    Robin L. Kossyk-Woolley to Jon J., Pamela L., and Nicole E. Peters. 

    Dorinda Chase and Dorinda Waterman to James E. and Michael A. Touchette. 

    Thomas G. Stuart Jr. and Barbara Stuart to Barbara A. Stuart Revocable Trust and Thoams G. Stuart Revocable Trust. 


    Evelyn Dunham Est. to Donald and Michelle Bernard. 

    Ly Ha to Stacey L. Blais. 

    Ashley R. Briggs to Mitchell G. and Jodie Herrick. 

    Janet M. and Roy M. Keene to Brandon A. and Roy A. Keene. 

    Janet M. and Roy M. Keene to Wade M., Wesley M., and Jessica M. Keene. 


    William Damato to Joseph H. Hupperich. 

    Town of Freedom to Danielle and Shizuko M. Humphrey. 

    Justin O. Humphrey Jr. Est. to Shizuko M. Humphrey. 

    Danielle and Shizuko M. Humphrey to Scott M. Bumford. 


    Edward T. Girvin GST-Exempt Family Trust to Alice G. Girvin Trust. 

    Alice G. Girvin Est. to Jeffrey and Holly Gagne. 

    Alice G. Girvin Trust to Jeffrey and Holly Gagne. 

    Seal Harbor LLC to Midcoast LLC. 

    Crow Cove LLC to Midcoast LLC. 


    Richard Anthony to Ryan A. and Nancy Neuhauser, and Tiffany Laclair. 


    Susan L. Larrabee and Susan L. Kenney to Jennifer and Ricky M. Bilodeau. 


    William F. Lefurgy Sr. to Karen E. Diamond and William G. Lefurgy Sr. 

    CWABS Inc. and Bank of New York Mellon Tr. to Sandor Nagy. 

    Jesse O. and Velma L. Clark to Andrew D., Sharon A., and James A. Clark. 

    Valerie H. Upham to Leigh Francis and Bret Upham. 


    John and Christine S. Burstein to John Burstein 2019 Revocable Trust and Christine Burstein 2019 Revocable Trust. 

    DT Maine LLC to Landry Family Real Estate LLC. 

    AEC Estate Planning Trust to Gerald and Marybeth M. Caruso. 

    Irwin Trust to Brianne and Isaac Hirschfeld. 


    Tessa Batchelder and Tessa L. Anderson to Taylor Benner. 

    Robert G. Munster to Keith F. Ball and Maryanne E. Wakefield. 

    Paul A. and Katherine E. Libby to Valerie Van der Meer and Michael E. Kunz. 


    Joshua N. Warren to Scarlet S. and Stephen R. Mathieson. 

    Sylvia Y. Grover to Danielle Harriman and Jason Knowlton Sr. 


    Claire and Joseph Jordan to George G. Marsankis Jr. and Pamela J. Marsanskis. 

    Susan Finley, Sharon Torrey, Shirley Diepenbrock, Milton Higgins Jr., Michael and James Littlefield, and Milton Higgins Sr. HRS to Patricia Higgins. 

    Janet E. Blood to Amos E. and Janet E. Blood. 

    Patricia H. Higgins to Christopher A. Scott. 


    John S. Carver Sr. Est. to Oliver and Michelle Honan. 

    SGM Holding LLC to Lourdes M. Panizo-Fortune and Scott W. Fortune. 

    David W. and Joan E. Sheldon to Jo-ann and Ted Randall. 

    Ronald L. and Shirley M. Jarvella to Marcy L. Taubes. 

    David W. Ferguson and Mark A. Humphreys to Gary Kimball and Deborah Ketter. 


    Avery Glidden to Brooke A. Glidden. 

    Robert T., Nancy M., Richard I., and Joyce C. Newman to Neal R. Klawson. 

    Jennifer M. and Paul Clough to Genevra B. Evans. 

    Glenwood L. and Janet G. West to Andrew and Karen Bradford. 

    Dale A. and Charelle L. Cullivan to Denver M. Cullivan. 

    Dorothy and Gerald Stillman to Eric L. and Kaitlin A. Dubois. 


    Holly A. and Robert G. Mills to Joseph A. Hazlett. 


    Hoene Company LLC to Cody and Colleen H. Raven. 


    Stephen A. Gott to Clifford A. Mace and Michelle L. Wood. 

    Heather Dehlinger to Michael E. Crocket and Lisa Stathoplos. 

    Greg and Erin L. Ireland to Benjamin E. Dragon. 

    Robert J. Perdrizet Trust Agreement to Kirk Linder. 

    Peggy Brewer Wright to Jedidiah and Tracy Colby. 

    James J. Campbell to Angelica P. and Scott A. Larrabee. 

    Christopher J. and Barbara J. Gordon to Gary J. and Geraldine M. Garvey. 

    Raymond Gibson to Jonathan K. and Jessi L. Wargo. 

    Stockton Springs

    Nicholas D. and Jessica D. Keppeler to Frederick W. Brewer. 

    Willard R., Devin R., and Aaron S. Flynt to Willard R., Devin R., Aaron S., and Tyler C. Flynt. 

    Pamela D. Bicknell to Corey and Jennifer Spoonhour. 

    Kathleen F. Kann Living Trust to Jeanine L. and Barry J. Brindle. 

    Richard E. Gruters Est. to Ellen C. Rogers. 

    Carolyn E. Haskell to Thomas W. Pezold. 


    Deborah J. Bailly to Dwight T. Sproul. 

    Raymond P. and Regina C. Seamans to Michael R. and Stacey Banks. 

    Donald L. and Michelle Tabbutt to Decks Docks & Flip Flops LLC. 

    Deborah  J. Bailly to William J. Ray. 

    Roger T. Newcomb Administrative Trust to Robert T. Newcomb Living Trust. 


    Bryan J. and Marjorie M. Michaud to Eliza K. and Jameson M. Ring. 

    Maine Farmland Trust Inc. to John J. Thomas.

    Van E. Hertel Sr. to Megan K. Joy. 

    Wendy A. Wallerstein to William E. and Juanita Raven. 


    Bertrand J. Bertrand to Ward J. Ordway. 


    Roger A. and Gloria J. Lancaster to Lancaster Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 

    Carmen C. Schiller to Ronald T. Waldron and Yvonne Dupras Waldron. 

    Gabriel S. and Jessica L. Smith to Kevin and Krystal Thurlow. 

    Hailey J. Giggey to Hailey J. and Giggey and Matthew Slater. 


    Sea Chauvin and Sea Talbot to Christopher J. and Lynn R. Boynton. 


    Ashley L. and Sean B. Hadley to Neil E. Ashford. 

    David J. and Carolyn M. Verrill to David J., Carolyn M., and Katrina M. Verrill. 

    Danielle L. Lister to Maine Savings Federal Credit Union. 

    Jolene Pierce and Jolene Ross to Mark A. and Diane L. Cleaves. 

    Ryan Family Trust to Cheryl A. and David J. Ryan. 

    Billy D. Mullis, Suzanne Chase Mullis, and Suxanne Chase Mullis to Jennifer C. Garron and Rodney D. Gray. 

    Gilman L. and Geraldine S. Littlefield to Gilman L., Geraldine S., Jason G., and Rebekah Littlefield. 

    Edward J. and Rowena C. Nealley to Bernard Ginn & Sons Inc. 

    Sarah M. Dyment and Wayne G. Dyment Jr. to Jamie and Wesley C. Dempsey. 

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