Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 11/02/2019 - 8:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Sept. 16-27. 


    Richard A. Whipple and Harriet J. Harworth to Carol McDavid. 

    Gary L. & Melba D. Fisher Revocable Living Trust to John G. Riley Jr. Revocable Trust. 

    Martha B. Daniels and Martha B. Lahoz to James M. and Elizabeth Lesser. 

    Thomas Bucklin to Orman Group LLC. 

    Husson Park LLC to Bernadette Brier and Andrew A. Hertler. 

    Gary L. & Melba D. Fisher Revocable Living Trust to John C. Omalia. 

    Nancy A. Spaulding to Elizabeth G. Slade. 

    Cory and Heidi Seekins to Jacob Fairbrother. 

    Belfast Trailer Park LLC to Swan Lake LP. 

    Old County Plantation LLC to Cooper Ridge Properties LLC. 

    Jeffrey and Kathleen A. Stevens to Thomas and Ashley Sullivan. 


    Stephanie Stiehler, Stephanie Jo Sprague, and Stephen M. Sprague Est. to Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2018-1 and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR. 

    Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States of America - HUD. 


    Diane J. Knowlton to Timothy W. Knowlton and Amy M. King. 

    Marjorie A. Waterman to Charles M. and Pamela J. MacMaster, and Pamela J. Rines. 

    Mildred A. and Robert A. Mitchell to Cheryl A. Igerson and Laura J. Swanton. 


    Town of Freedom to Clifford Gardner. 

    Clifford E. Gardner to Dalton Heppeard.  

    Sallyann F. Hadyniak to Tyler C. Hadyniak.

    Debra L. Luczai to Ashleigh M. and Steven D. Czarny. 

    Lisa A. Vigneault to Tasha M. Vigneault.


    Emily J. Whitehead to John P. Sinclair Lewis. 

    Earl F. Durkee to Jesse and Melissa Burns. 


    Catherine L. Carter to Nathan R. Carter and Denise M. Archambeau. 

    Thomas D. Rohrbach to William and Kathleen Maseychik.


    James F., Cheryl E., and Cheryl Ditano to Christopher J. and Laura A. Lougheed.

    Deborah H. Leschinski to Deborah H. and Robert Leschinski. 

    Jeanette E. Dickens and Carl Montgomery Lambert to Rebecca Lynn Winters Rodriguez, Catalina Chanel Rodriguez, and Nancy J. Cranton. 

    Thomas H. Bassler to Melinda R. and Mathew R. Grotton. 

    Kimberly A. Collins to Noah L. and Sheri Scovil. 

    Miles F. Carpenter III to Staci L.S. Carpenter. 


    Leah A. Patten Est. to Amanda M. Pingree. 

    Kathryn R. Snow to Kathryn R. and Dwight F. Snow. 

    Forrest Family Irrevocable Trust to Forrest Family Irrevocable Trust. 

    Randy L. Deane to Christopher Carpenter and Andrew Walter. 

    Anne Connors to Deanna and Wayne Campbell.

    Ian Collins and Vina E. Lindley to Wyatt Porter and Emily Sirianni. 

    Anette H. Butterfield to William M. Butterfield III, Joel A. Butterfield, Breanna R. Holladay, and Matthew B. Butterfield. 

    Gary W. Poland to Benjamin R. Poland. 

    Leon A. Smith Sr. to Sarah K. Schulz and Andrew P. Nadolny III. 


    Bruce Frohock and Bruce Frolock to Bruce Frohock. 

    Matthew Powers and Matthew S. Powers to Adam W. Vogel. 

    Town of Monroe to David Boynton.

    Holly A. and Robert G. Mills to Holly Adkins. 


    John T. Billings to Rebecca A. Billings. 

    Town of Montville to Clifford Gardner. 


    Linda E. Withee to David H. Brandt. 

    Richard C. and Sharon B. Murray to Rex Douglas Townsley and Tommie Laborde Townsley. 

    Robert E. Metcalf Jr., Sherrie Pierce, Joy Metcalf, Joella Cole, and Toni-Marie Mahoney to Pamela R. Frorer and Mark W. Pinis. 

    Elizabeth Manner Dunn and Elizabeth W. Manner to Elizabeth Manner Dunn Revocable Living Trust. 


    Jeanine M. and Royce B. Nelson to Tina and Todd L. Nelson. 

    Douglas G. Robinson to Kyle F. and Shelby M. Leighton. 

    Raymond J. and Barbara E. Degrass to Mark E. and Tammy A. Roberts. 


    Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company to Richard A. and Mary M. Frederick. 

    Robert L. Butterworth and Heagan Mountain Properties LLC to Bowden Point Properties II. 

    Joni M. Wells to Alicia L. Parker and George H. Parker III. 


    Shane M. and Janie L. Gerrish to Anna L. and Daniel J. Flynn. 

    Debra L. Bailey Est. and Michael A. Bailey Est. to Avary Lamont. 

    Diana E. Davis to Gregory Erik Morrison Revocable Trust. 

    Janet M. Braumuller to Georges River Land Trust. 

    Manuel and Mary Ann Mercier to James J. Lott Sr.

    Jason M. Robeson to Clayton Smith. 

    Erica J. and Ryan D. Lanphere to Hannes R. Salo. 


    Frederick E. Pile to Dennis M. and Frederick E. Pike. 

    SEM & SINA LLC to Mary E. and Bradley B. Jones. 

    Bradley B. and Mary E. Jones to MK Properties LLC. 

    Sharon Ann Lang Est. to Barbara J. and Christopher J. Gordon. 

    Nancy C. Hamilton Est. to Laray, Larue, and Larry Hamilton. 

    Baxter R. Cook Sr. and June E. Cook to Sheryl Pomeroy. 

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ann G. Deyoung and Brandon S. Deyoung. 

    Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of the State of Maine to Mariners Lodge No. 68 A.F. & A.M. 

    Town of Searsport to Adrian J. Ellis Sr. and Lori O’Donnell. 

    Justin A. Littlefield to Brenda A. and Scott A. Littlefield. 

    Stockton Springs

    Regional School Unit No. 20 and RSU No. 20 to Town of Stockton Springs. 

    Sibela Algon and Mutlu Yucel to Cynthia K. Laurila and Wayne D. Sinclair. 


    Cheryl A. Cummings to Michael J. Cummings. 

    David B. and Sandra L. Gebow to James H. Curtis Jr. 

    Phillip E. Woods to Rosamond C. Peters and Ronald M. Mitchell Jr. 


    Esther L. Parsons to Charles L. Fitzpatrick Jr. 


    Scott D. and Kimberly B. Bellerose to Christopher J. and Lauren N. Harney. 

    Barry Woods to Barry and Veronica Woods, and Theresa Fairbanks Woods. 

    Donald and Marcy Rose to Melisa Belanger. 


    Robert Leschinski to Robert and Deborah H. Leschinski. 


    Courtney L. O’Donnell and Michael R. Lockard II to Brianna R. Pellerin and Ryan A. Salmon. 

    Nichole M. Rackliff and Mathew S. Theriault to Ian E. Frothingham. 

    Norman and Wanda Prouty to Juliana Marchetti. 

    Laurie Lee to JCLS Holdings LLC. 

    Sidney Dines to Sidney Dines and Carolyn West. 

    Hattie and Danny Damon to Angela R. and Derek Chase.

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