Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 10:30pm

BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds May 27 - June 7. 


Piper Stream LLC to Sandra J. Gaylor, Sean C. James, and Rebecca D. Biggs. 

LSF10 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank NA TR to LSF10 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank NA Tr.

Jean I. Dutch to Ryan and Cheyenne Lister. 

Sky Trust to Terry L. Vish. 

Linda K. Tyer Living Trust to James C. Delehanty and Linda Tyer. 

Allen A. Weaver Jr. and Kimberley P. Weaver, and Kimberley P. Riposta to Logan H. Fogg and Claire E. Hogan. 

Ellis B. and Catherine Cohn to Penobscot McCrum LLC. 

Sara Ruffin to Margaret M. Rosch and Robert A. Grotton. 

Donald L. Gerrish Est. to Brittney E. Walsh. 

Derek T. and Julie A. Bonser to Wiliam Hafford and Eileen McCue. 

Roger D. Oulette and Suzanne P. Martell to Georgina B. Fry. 

Katelyn R. Dondon and Katelyn R. Ross to Alison RLC Palm. 

Edward G. and Sharma N. Wood to Landon Fake and Margaret Haberman. 

Susan B. Pendleton Living Trust to Michael E. Paquin. 

Melanie A. Benner Family Trust to Allen A. Weaver Jr. and Kimberley P. Weaver. 

Rodney J. Voisine to Nancy McAlley. 


Sonya Santo and Sonya Steinort tp Jill M. Veenstra.

Clifton H. and Christa J. Staples to Kevin R. Makson. 

Berry Family Nominee Trust to Jamie Peters Wolcott Separate Property Revocable Trust. 


David E. Cushman Jr. to Nancy J. Cushman. 

Vendue LLC to Leroy and Cathleen Slagle. 

Margaret Ann Mains to Megan M. Knowlton. 

Ralph L. and Charlene T. Hammond to Elizabeth J. Etzler. 


Daniel F. Wishart and Sarah E. Wishart-Rogers to Andrew and Jesse Gerow. 


Craig and Brianna B. Parsons, and Brianna N. Bates to Michael W. Ash. 


Frank Fairfield Est. to Kellie A. Fairfield, Diane L. Rolerson, Bradley Conner, Douglas and Shawn Bailey. 


Earl William Benner Est. to John Benner, Penney and Shawn Bailey. 


Victoria M. and Christopher M. Condon to C. Florence Winters. 

Christopher D. Lyon to Christopher D. and Meredith Lyon. 

Colleen M. Boyle to Molly L. Macintosh and Gardner Brown Macintosh III. 

Leopold Nunez Est. to Robert E. and Cynthia J. Grondahl. 

Beryl-Ann Johnson to Christy S. and Meredith J. Sadler. 


Joseph J., Joseph, Kathryn V., and Kathryn Saunders to Paige I. Emerson. 

Brian R. Carroll to Gerard Boudreault. 

Larry E. and Katherine H. Totten to Totten Living Trust. 


Northeast Odd Fellows Association Inc. to Mary Jane C. Low. 

Jane F. and Thomas MacConnell to Elizabeth A. Darby and Lawrence C. Darby II. 

Zachary G. and Jenelle R. Woods to Nichole L. Larrabee. 


Neil A. Lakin to Dustin and Stephanie Howes. 


Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc., Mike R. and Michael R. Mackridge, Brynn L. Anderson, and Brynn L. Mackridge to Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc. 

Lacy R. Hall, Lacy R. Thomas, and Ryan L. Hall to Mary L. Mills. 

Perry James Properties LLC to 900 Atlantic LLC and Nine Hundred Atlantic LLC. 

David P. and Victoria J. Maynard to Natasha Littlefield. 


Tammy A. Desjardins Living Trust and William E. Desjardins Living Trust to Daryl M. Horak. 

Leland D. Jones to Hannah E. Chamberlain. 

Nancy A. Sullivan to David J. Diehl and Carol A. Ose-Diehl. 

Gerald Merton Pottle Est. and Gerald M. Pottle Est. to Cindy Lee Pottle, Lindy Lee Bausch, and Sandra J. Gould. 


Carroll Glidden Est. to James Glidden.

Robert Snedeker Jr., Charles Stratton, and Annette Torsak to Darryl W. and Deborah L. Czuchra. 

Randy E. Clark to Morgan L. Bartlett. 

Elizabeth Whitman to Crosby LLC. 


Marie Underwood to William K. and Janine U. Carpenter. 

Stockton Springs

Curtis Larrabee to Curtis W. Larrabee Living Trust. 

Curtis Larrabee to Curtis W. Larrabee Living Trust. 

Joel Ploszaj to Jennifer L. and Ercole Pallotto. 

Chafic R. and Rima T. Chaar to John C. and Patricia A. Magri. 

Tom W. and Ruth E. Lane to Ann M. Soave. 

Spiros N. Varras Est. to Joshua V. and Kathleen Treat. 

Mary I. Kelley Est. and Mary Anketell Kelley Est. 


Ernest D. and Kathryn L. Dieterle to Scott B. and Shirley A. Ellis. 

Albert Hall IV to Lisa Gardiner. 

Peter M. Little to Peter and Laura Anjos. 


Diane Jude to Nathan D. Harrington. 

Richard B. and Mary L. Danforth to Ronald A. Rodriguez and Sarah C. Joliat. 

Dorothy E. Lund to Dorothy E. Lund Family Trust. 

Norman O. Willette Jr. to John D. and Anne M. Soule. 

Mary G. Kenney to Don B. Wilmore. 

Mary G. Kenney to James P. and Josephine E. Kenney. 


Henry S. Lawler Sr. Living Trust to Gloria C. Harriman Living Trust. 

Richard E. MacIntosh to Anthony F. Valley. 

Kay W. Bennett to Maddi Mayo and David Charette. 

Doyle D. Harriman to Heidi Harriman. 

Austen Lee to Linden Lee. 

Paul G. and Linda M. Cole to Bruce D. Cole and Mandi Spann. 

Linda L. Seekins to Michael L. Seekins. 

Michael L. and Linda L. Seekins to Melina Seekins Colson. 

William J. and Angela Rogers to John C. and Susan C. Fraser. 

Town of Winterport to Robert and Melissa Rideout. 

Town of Winterport to Craig Cullins. 

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