UPDATED: Medomak Valley, Belfast, Oceanside, Camden Hills open golf season in Rockland

Sun, 09/27/2020 - 9:45am

ROCKLAND — The Medomak Valley golf team competed in its first match of the season Friday, Sept. 25 against Oceanside, Belfast, and Camden Hills at the Rockland Golf Club.

The event’s medalist was Parker Hilchey (36) of Camden Hills. 

The same teams will return to the Rockland Golf Club on Monday, Sept. 28. 

Below are the results as submitted by Medomak Valley, with Medomak Valley players listed first. 

Medomak shot 202, Oceanside 183, Belfast 182, and Camden 174. Medomak lost 7.5-1.5 to Oceanside, 9-0 to Belfast, and 9-0 to Camden Hills.

Sean Sebrey (41) defeated Austin Chilles (45) of Oceanside, lost to Thomas Parker (38) of Belfast, and lost to Parker Hilchey (36) of Camden Hills.

Tyler Metcalf (52) halved his match with Darik Johnson (50) of Oceanside, lost to Tommy Walker (42) of Belfast, and lost to Aiden O'Connell (43) of Camden Hills.

Matthew Sirois (53) lost to Rhys Jones (46) of Oceanside, lost to James Ritter of Belfast (49), and lost to Jordan Peasley (46) of Camden Hills.

Noah Crosby (59) lost to Noah Mclellan (44) of Oceanside, lost to KJ Payson (53) of Belfast, and lost to Bryler Fisher (53) of Camden Hills.

Logan Look (71) lost to Bryson Mattox (48) of Oceanside, lost to Bobby Banks (64) of Belfast, and lost to Sawyer Olsen (60) of Camden Hills.

Natalie Stewart (56) lost to Nate Fogarty (52) of Oceanside, lost to Hagan Chase (54) of Belfast, and lost to Liam O'Dwyer (49) of Camden Hills. 

Below are the results submitted by Oceanside.  

Oceanside 184, Camden Hills 174 (CH win 7-2)
Austin Chillis (O) 45 (L) Parker Hilchey (C) 36
Darik Johnson (O) 50 (L) Aiden O'Connell (C) 43
Rhys Jones (O) 47 (L) Jordan Peasley (C) 46
Noah Mclellan (O) 44 (W) Bryler Fisher (C) 53
Bryson Mattox (O) 48 (W) Sawyer Olsen (C) 60
Nate Fogarty (O) 52 (L) Liam O'Dwyer (C) 49

Oceanside 184, Belfast 182 (BEL wins 5-4)
Austin Chillis (O) 45 (L) Thomas Parker (B) 38
Darik Johnson (O) 50 (L) Tommy Walker (B) 42
Rhys Jones (O) 47 (W) James Ritter (B) 49
Noah Mclellan (O) 44 (W) K. J. Payson (B) 53
Bryson Mattox (O) 48 (W) Bobby Banks (B) 64
Nate Fogarty (O) 52 (W) Hagen Chase (B) 54

Oceanside 184, Medomak Valley 202 (OS wins 7.5 to 1.5)
Austin Chillis (O) 45 (L) Sean Sebrey (MV) 41
Darik Johnson (O) 50 Even Tyler Metcalf (MV) 52
Rhys Jones (O) 47 (W) Matt Sirois (MV) 53
Noah Mclellan (O) 44 (W) Noah Crosby (MV) 59
Bryson Mattox (O) 48 (W) Logan Look (MV) 71
Nate Fogarty (O) 52 (W) Natalie Stewart (MV) 56