Reunited with owner after eight days

UPDATE: Missing Lincolnville sled dog Lulu found safe in Camden

Posted:  Friday, March 16, 2018 - 9:00am
UPDATE: CAMDEN — Great news! 14-year-old Alaskan Husky Lulu was found on Molyneaux Road in Camden on the night of Wednesday, March 14 after going missing from her home in Lincolnville eight days ago.
She has been reunited with her very grateful owner who would like to extend thanks to all involved with Lulu’s safe return home to Blockhouse Pursuits Sled Dogs in Lincolnville.
Hope, Appleton, Lincolnville, Searsmont, many wonderful, big-hearted neighbors, friends, strangers, every one of them angels, continue to look for Lulu!  
Aimee Leclerc's beautiful Alaskan pack matriarch of Blockhouse Pursuits Sled Dogs, located on the Heal Road in Lincolnville, started her grand solo tour of Knox County during last Thursday's storm.  
At the time of this writting her last cameo was on Church Street in Hope Monday night before Tuesday's storm on the 13th tested her glamorous coat's abilities once again.
Prior to that, she flirted with folks in Appleton and on the Barnstown Road in Hope.  There are even reports of her flashing those trademark Husky baby blues around Union and Searsmont.  Those legs get around!
The cute, burly black and tan, 14-year-old is a mid-sized 45 pounds, wearing her tagged collar.  The fluffy, independent teenager will probably travel driveways but will dart from people.  She still needs her mommy.
Immediate sighting reports are crucial.  
Please call Aimee at 207-542-0608 any time, day or night because we've all been that rebellious teenager that has made our mother worried sick!
Thank you in advance!