Thumb wrestling, torts and women behaving badly

International Book Week spurs a flurry of random sentences into a whole new story.
Fri, 09/21/2012 - 4:15pm

    For International Book Week, the game goes like this:

    Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the fifth sentence. Don't mention the title.

    I posted these rules on a number of local bookstore Facebook pages including The Pen Bay Pilot's and got a lot of random sentences. Now it's time to make sense of those sentences and form a story within a story. I'm going to take three random sentences at a time from various locals and come up with a fictitious book title and a description of what it's about.

    Patricia Rumsey: "What did bother me was her reaching hand held a burning Pall Mall, pinioned between the second and third fingers."
    Pete McDonald: "The hand movements will later be put to good use in the practice of chi sao (sticking hands)."
    Yvonne Coffman: "Clayton squeezed Suzie's hand and whispered, 'A lady doesn't say such things in the presence of a gentleman.'"

    Book title: Hidden Desire, Crouching Fingers
    Susie is a good girl about to go bad. Charm School will never curb her unabashedly independent ways and when the entire community backed by the corrupt Reverend Clayton hands her an ultimatum: conform or watch Alderaan be blown up, she throws herself into the ancient art of Wing Chun and faces off The Reverend in a deadly game of thumb wrestling that will change the definition of etiquette for all times.


    Shannon Hicks: "I never heard they made it or passed."
    Priscille Sibley: "No one did."

    Sean-Patrick Burke:Lives ruined."

    Book title: Passing The Bar Exam For Dummies
    Using straight talk, sound advice, and gentle humor, Passing The Bar For Dummies will help you navigate the swamplands of torts and property law so you can focus on what's really important: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.


    Mongoose Finkle: "Almost in the same moment in which he hit or pushed me, he vaulted over the back seat and sat on me."
    John Jeffrey Miller: "However, far from being intimidated, large numbers of WBA members took up arms in self-defense."
    Becky Brimley: "And it being quite impossible that any difference of opinion can take place among women without every woman who is within hearing taking active part in it, the strong-minded lady and her daughters, and Mrs Spottle-toe, and the deaf cousin (who was not at all disqualified from joining in the dispute by reason of being perfectly unacquainted with its merits), one and all plunged into the quarrel directly."

    Okay people, your turn. Come up with a book title and a description of what it's about and either comment in this thread or post to our Facebook page. The best entry will finish the story and get featured in a White Hot Spotlight.