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Throwback Thursday

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 10:00am

    Boo! That’s the only hint you’re getting with this TBT photo. Can you guess where this is and the era?

    Last week’s Throwback Thursday got some traction.  It was a photo of a parade on Main Street in Rockland, looking south from Elm Street, circa 1940. First National is now the location of Key Bank. Commenter Sarah Sylvester Tavares had a good story: “My grandparents Herman and Carrie Winchenbaugh managed this store when it first opened for about 20 years. We shopped there every Friday. My Mom walked up from the South End.  I either went with her or met her there after school and my Dad would come and pick us up with the groceries after he got home from work. It was the primary grocery in town for many years.”

    Commenter Peggy Palmer also had another great story about that store. “My father bought me the biggest white teddy bear there that I had been eyeing for weeks. Stopping for a few groceries, and it being my birthday, he bought it. People gave him strange looks as he drove through town that night. He had put the bear in the passenger seat. It was approximately four feet tall and cost $10.00. Today, it would probably cost close to $100.00.”

    Photo courtesy Maine Historical Society

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