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Throwback Thursday

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 8:00am

Last week’s TT pic was all too easy, wasn’t it?  Okay, you can see what this building is, but what year is this, and what is in its place now? Anybody have any stories to go with this place?

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Photo courtesy Penobscot Marine Museum. Visit:

Answer: This is Witham’s Lobster Pound. It was originally the stables for the mansion that is now Downeast Publishing. It was located across Route 1 from the drive-in. It was made into a restaurant. My aunt, May Bridges, and my father, P Willard Pease, bought it in 1946. The kitchen was on the right and dining room on the left. The stable floors and walls were highly varnished. The individual stalls were private dining areas. Hay bins hung in the corner of the stall ceilings; the hay having been stored on the second floor in the old days. The restaurant was famous for its shore dinners. My father sold out to his sister in 1948 and became Knox County Sheriff. My aunt operated it until her death in 1971. It is now a campground. -Skip Pease

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