Letter to the editor: Sandy Weisman

Supporting Janet Mills for Governor because of her commitment to education, arts

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 6:30pm
I support Janet Mills for Governor because of her commitment to education and the arts.  Janet is well-known as an advocate for world-class education for all Maine children, and her support for the arts should not be a surprise either.  Janet believes in the creative economy as a source for jobs and for arts entrepreneurs, but also understands that the arts provide a diversity of expressions – art, theater, music, dance, literature – that provide windows into our common humanity. I am an arts educator at the CMCA in Rockland. I see firsthand how the arts provide so much enthusiasm to our community and believe the creative economy would grow with Janet’s support as an engine for retaining young artists, hiring more art educators in schools and museums, and supporting our state arts commission.  And for all my poet friends, Janet tells me she is a published poet, too!
Sandy Weisman lives in South Thomaston