Sen. Reny introduces bill to increase community action grants for climate resilience

Sun, 04/09/2023 - 1:45pm

    AUGUSTA – Sen. Cameron Reny, D-Bristol, has introduced a bill that aims to increase community action grants for climate resilience in Maine.

    LD 1126, “Resolve, to Increase Community Action Grants,” was the subject of a public hearing before the Legislature's Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

    The measure would increase the available grant funding for the Community Resilience Partnership program, which assists communities across Maine in tackling the effects of climate change.

    The proposed increase in grant funding will further support these communities by enabling them to undertake additional planning efforts and implement their local priorities when it comes to climate resiliency, a news release stated.

    Increasing the award amount would also allow local communities to leverage more federal funding and ultimately result in more comprehensive and impactful climate action initiatives being undertaken throughout Maine, according to the release. 

    “The Community Resilience Partnership grant program has been instrumental in helping many communities across our state identify their local priorities when it comes to protecting themselves from the harmful effects of climate change,” said Sen. Reny. “By providing additional funding, we can empower our municipalities, tribal governments and unorganized territories to start implementing those community-informed plans to reduce energy consumption, transition to clean energy, and improve resilience to the effects of climate change.”

    A pending amendment to the bill would increase the overall funding amount for the program, ensuring that the same number of municipalities would have the opportunity to receive a grant while still benefiting from the increased maximum grant amount.

    The bill faces further action in committee.

    Sen. Reny represents Windsor in Kennebec County, Washington in Knox County, and the Lincoln County communities of Alna; Boothbay; Boothbay Harbor; Bremen; Bristol; Damariscotta; Edgecomb; Hibberts Gore; Jefferson; Louds Island; Monhegan Plantation; Newcastle; Nobleboro; Somerville; South Bristol; Southport; Waldoboro; Westport Island; Whitefield; and Wiscasset.