Sea of eclectic offerings welcome visitors to 24th annual Arts in the Park

Fri, 07/12/2019 - 12:45pm

    BELFAST — Steamboat Landing was abuzz with visitors July 6-7 as the 24th Annual Arts in the Park saw over 100 vendors offering their eclectic mix of merchandise to the hundreds of residents and visitors perusing the stalls. 

    In addition to live music and several food offerings, the waterfront backdrop provided a picturesque place to lounge seaside when it came time for a break. 

    Among the many artists present was 2019’s Artist of the Year, Pamela Hitchcock, whose handmade jewelry caught the eye of many passersby. 

    Hitchcock, who’s been making jewelry for 45 years,  said she got her start taking classes at an Art Center in high school, where she studied jewelry design. A two-year apprenticeship followed during which she worked with a master silversmith, and she was accepted to The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen as a juried member shortly afterward.

    “My jewelry is fabricated, made entirely by hand using traditional goldsmithing methods. Many of these pieces are one of a kind and others are variations on a theme, but each piece is made individually, handcrafted,” Hitchcock said. 

    Hitchcock frequently draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural surroundings where she lives and works. 

    As for how long it takes for a piece to take shape from inspiration to a tangible piece, Hitchcock said she couldn’t even begin to calculate, noting that there are some sketches that never make it to a finished product. 

    “I mean some things I have sketched and they’ve never come to fruition, literally years later I will sit down and start playing with those ideas again, other times it’s just pure magic and it happens beautifully from inspiration to finished piece,” she said. 

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