Samantha Paradis for Mayor of Belfast

Posted:  Monday, October 9, 2017 - 10:45am

To the Editor:

Samantha Paradis has my vote for Mayor of Belfast. I have worked with her and know her socially, and she is an exceptional person, an extremely able leader and an effective advocate. As a nurse – and now almost a Nurse Practitioner - she has demonstrated experience advocating for better care in all areas and for all people. She founded Aging Well in Waldo County, a vigorous organization which has undertaken a survey of what people over 50 throughout the county, assessing the strengths and the problems of living here for older people. The group is now discussing actions to make the needed improvements with the 26 communities.

She is an effective leader of meetings, and her approach is always based on inclusiveness and listening to all who wish to be heard. She keeps a meeting on track and completes an agenda without shutting anyone out. She can share complex information and make her point understandable in a clear, calm manner. At her meetings I have attended, everyone feels included and heard; she gives a voice to all.

Samantha Paradis is our future, she is Maine born and bred, and she is ready and more than able to assume the duties of mayor of Belfast.

Nan Borton