‘On A Roll’ lobster food truck now open at Waterman’s Beach Brewery

Sat, 05/09/2020 - 11:30am

    SOUTH THOMASTON—A new food truck opened May 8 to complement Waterman’s Beach Brewery, and fans of the old Waterman’s Beach Lobster,  will be thrilled to know that the new venue has some unique ties to the old. 

    Joshua and Charmen Spearing are heading up “On A Roll,” a traditional lobster shack on wheels in the same spot where Waterman’s Beach Lobster shack originally operated for the last 30 years,

    Joshua, a lobsterman who fishes out of Spruce Head, and Charmen, a former employee of Waterman Beach Lobster, are excited to finally open for the season. Their original launch had been set to open in March, until the Covid-19 crisis pushed their plans back.

    “I used to babysit for Sandy and Lorri while they were working at their family-run  Waterman’s Beach Lobster for years,” said Charmen.   “I was like the Waterman Beach Road babysitter.” She joked. “My senior year in High School,  I started working my summers at the lobster shack and that continued through my college years. I loved working down there it’s such an incredibly relaxing and gorgeous spot to be.  In fact, Josh and I got married right there in the field next to the brewery. We will celebrate 25 years this summer. Coming back to run the new food truck is like coming back full circle.”

    Charmen said the personalities of the customers were always her favorite part of the job, something she’s looking forward to experiencing again this spring and summer.

    “We’d have the most unique, interesting people come up and talk to us,” she said. “At the same time, you’d have your regulars and the moment you saw their truck pull into the parking lot, you started getting their usual order ready before they even hit the window.”

    Charmen said the location, the brewery and the built-in Waterman’s brand associated with their business is “like winning the lottery.”

    The lobster shack/food truck model is what many lobstermen have had to do to cut out the middleman and make any kind of profit.

    “For us, it’s exactly what we need to do with the market fluctuating so much. To be able to bring the lobsters directly from the boat and serve it to the customer is amazing.”

    Charmen also said their love of the community and customers will prompt the entire family, including their lobster fishing sons and daughter to do some hands-on demos this summer.

    “In the summer, we’re planning it out so that my husband and our sons and daughter will drive right up to the dock, so the customers can see how a working boat operates they’ll be able to watch them unload the catch and meet their future lobster roll. 

    Like all food establishments complying with certain mandates during the pandemic, On A Roll has had to modify their take-out service with Covid-19 safety guidelines.

    Note: the establishment only takes cash; an ATM is located on the premises. They will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11:30 am to 6:30 p.m. for the month of May. Starting June 1, they will add hours and new menu items.

    For more information visit: Facebook page:  On a Roll at Waterman Beach Brewery

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