Rockland Police Department hires new patrol officer

Fri, 11/10/2017 - 12:15am

    ROCKLAND — Rockland Police have hired a new patrol officer, Mike Rolerson, according to a news release on the department’s Facebook page Nov. 8.

    He began working with the department on Oct. 30.

    Rolerson was born and raised in Belfast. Upon graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving in the Pacific and deploying to the Helmand province in Afghanistan. While serving, he met his wife, also a Marine (military police), got married and had children.

    He earned the USMC’s Good Conduct Medal among other awards.

    Rolerson said that he grew up in family of law enforcement officers. “I have seen the impact that law enforcement can make on others and how much the community gives.” “I believe that it’s my duty to give back as well,” said Rolerson.

    He began his career in criminal justice by working in a detention facility in Montana. “During the two years I spent working there, I had many interactions with patrol officers and decided that patrol would be a better fit for me than the corrections setting.”

    Rolerson said he decided to apply to the Rockland Police Department because many of his friends in law enforcement all spoke very highly of the department.

    “When I spoke with the officers from Rockland Police they were motivated and professional and I knew that the department would be the best fit for me, he said. “I look forward to meeting everyone and helping to keep Rockland safe.”   

    In his spare time, Rolerson enjoys spending time with his family hiking and biking. He is also a movie buff.

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