Phones, wallets, chain saw, Fit Bit....

Rockland Police ask public to help identify owners of unclaimed items

Posted:  Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 7:15pm

ROCKLAND — Rockland Police have more than 60 lost items in their possession that are still unclaimed and they are hoping to locate their owners, according to a Dec. 27 news release.

“In accordance with Maine State Law, if the owner of such property or any other person entitled to possession of the property has not claimed such property within five months from the date that the list is published, such property will be surrendered to the person who found it, if any, sold to the highest bidder at public auction, donated to a nonprofit organization or charity or disposed of as waste,” police said.

The following list includes found, abandoned, lost or stolen property held by the Rockland Police Department:

Items with owners already identified are:

cell phone belonging to Jane Young;

wallet belonging to Kagan Brennan;

wallet belonging to Benjamin Bailey;

wallet belonging to Jeffrey Daniello;

wallet belonging to Elliott Carlton;

wallet belonging to James Bernardo;

wallet belonging to Justin Perrin;

wallet belonging to Dash Conford;

wallet belonging to Mariah Harris;

wallet belonging to Micquel Foss; and

wallet belonging to Carol Kipfer.

Additional items include:

One dollar bill found in roadway;

one Old Navy sweat shirt;

two gold rings and one silver ring;

one gold ring;

$30 cash found in a parking lot;

30-06 ammunition;

one silver ring;

$267 cash;

women’s watch;

$370 cash;

one gold ring;

one Chevy key;

one set of keys with Ford key and key fob;

one LG cell phone;

one Samsung cell phone;

$100 cash;

three female engagement/wedding rings;

one man’s gold wedding band with date 8/20/77 engraved in it;

one older style iPod;

one Motorola cell phone;

$11 cash;

Kobalt sockets;

one gold ring;

Stihl chain saw;

one set of Toyota keys with fob and cash;

key with pulley key chain;


two house keys on key chain;

LG TracFone;

one iPhone;

pink wallet;

LG flip phone;

key box with keys;

Camo wallet;

Honda keys on NRA key chain;

Kia key fob;

key with lobster key chain;

one key with silver key ring;

four keys with purple key chain;

Pontiac keys,

blanket and eye glass case found at Lobster Festival;

two sets of keys with red key chains;

Ford and Dodge keys with fobs;

LG TracFone;

Alcatel OneTouch TracFone;


Contact Detective Alex Gaylor at (207) 594-0316, ext. 253, with any questions or information about the unclaimed property or its rightful owner(s).   

Reach Sarah Shepherd at