Planning board meeting Tuesday, Aug 15

Rockland Planning Board considers Tire Warehouse plans for former Wendy’s restaurant

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 8:45am

Story Location:
166 Camden Street
Rockland  Maine  04841
United States

ROCKLAND –Noise pollution, fire risks, and environmental drawbacks compete against economic growth, job creation and convenience as the Rockland Planning Board considers an application for Tire Warehouse.

A vacant building already exists at the former Wendy’s restaurant, 166 Camden Street. If approved, the Warehouse plans to add 4,185 square feet, according to applications submitted by George Closson beginning in May.

Closson estimates a cost of $350,000, and three months for completion of the building. Of the total 7,437 square feet, the waiting room will take up 660 sq. ft., tire changing will take 2,790 sq. ft., and inventory/warehouse will cover 3,987 sq. ft.

Within the code officer’s folder containing this application are letters from a concerned resident. The letters state that tire piles, when left alone for a long enough duration, become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Once mosquitoes become problematic, the only recourse is to eliminate the tires.

As for fire risks, the letters state that tires are hard to ignite. However, once aflame, “tires burn very hot, and are very difficult to extinguish.” This is due to the 75 percent void space, and the doughnut-shape tire casings with air drafts that help stoke the fire. 

That same resident also questioned the effect on the neighborhood of continued machine noise as late as 7:30 p.m.

This Tuesday, Aug 15, the Rockland Planning board will continue its review of the application.


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