No power, no problem. Volunteers hang tough at the Lincolnville voting station

Tue, 11/04/2014 - 10:30am

LINCOLNVILLE — With power still out in much of Lincolnville (and no one able to take showers), it’s a challenging day for the volunteers at the polling center of Lincolnville Central School, but they’re not letting anything stop them from showing up. And they urge the voting public to make that extra effort, as well.

Lois Lyman and Frederick Heald manned the check-in station. Lyman had a great story for anyone who claims his or her vote “won’t matter anyway, so why bother.”

“Your vote counts,” she said. “One day when I lived in New Hampshire, I had to stay home because of the flu and my candidate lost by exactly two votes. If I and someone else had shown up, at least it would have been a dead heat.”

She added: “I have a bumper sticker that says The World Is Run By Those Who Show Up.”

“It should be,” said Heald.

 Meanwhile, over a the baked goods table, the offerings were a little more scant than usual. Volunteers Betty Heald and Peg Miller had a variety of cookies, cupcakes and a pie for a nominal price, but the storm couldn’t have come at a worse time as they prepped for Nov. 4.

“We would have had a lot more pies, coffee cakes but the power went out at a bad time,” said Heald.

Miller, who is known for her famous baked beans, said it took an extra-long time to get the crock of beans just the way they should be.

“I have a gas stove,” she said. “It doesn’t do too good, but if I turn it on and off and let those beans cook all day, I could have them ready for today.”

The volunteers wanted to emphasize that the polls are open until 8 p.m and it’s warm inside if you want a place to warm up. So get out and vote!

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