Looking to remove an unwanted critter?

New business works to remove bats, other nuisance animals from homes

Mon, 09/09/2019 - 10:15am

BROOKS — Northeast Wildlife Services has launched a business to help remove bats and other nuisance animals from area homes.

Ray Losnes, a wildlife control specialist based in Brooks, is determined to get wildlife critters out of houses safely, ethically – and most importantly – quickly, according to Wildlife Services, in a news release.

His new business, Northeast Wildlife Services, northeastwildlifeservices.com, officially launched on August 10, 2019. For the last year and a half, Losnes has been building up his business, serving more than 30 clients in the Midcoast.

His services humanely remove and relocate "nuisance wildlife," such as bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, porcupines, woodchucks, chipmunks and even birds. His techniques vary from attic to basement, from under the roof to under the deck, using exclusion, trapping, and trenching. If the animal has done any damage or has left a mess, Losnes also specializes in restoration/cleanup, bat house installation and even works to help the owner avoid a repeat situation with chimney caps.

"Bats are the biggest nuisance in August and September and now that their breeding season is over, many do-it-yourselfers inadvertently end up killing them by sealing them into the house, while trying to solve the issue,” he said, in the release. “I have a way of extracting them alive and safely so they can be released back into the wild."

Losnes, who grew up trapping and hunting with his family in Maine, spent five years as a wildlife removal specialist with one of the biggest wildlife removal services in the state of Maine, working with hundreds of customers, before carving out his own niche in the Midcoast.


Northeast Wildlife Services, based in Brooks, is state licensed and fully insured.

“NWS will never take a penny from any client unless we honestly believe we can provide a solution to the wildlife issue at hand,” said the company.

(Inspection fee may apply). Call 207-323-9786.