building a network of informed, committed, and engaged community leaders

Midcoast Leadership Academy accepting applications

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 4:45pm

CAMDEN — Midcoast Leadership Academy (MLA) is accepting applications for its tenth program year. Applications are due by August 14. The program begins September 19 and meets monthly until June 7, 2020.

Designed to strengthen our community leadership network in the Midcoast, MLA is an adult, experiential, 9-month program. Existing and emerging community leaders from Knox and Waldo counties meet on a monthly  basis to challenge and expand their knowledge of issues affecting daily lives in the Midcoast and to further develop and understand personal leadership skills and styles.

Who should apply? 

“We’re looking for existing and emerging community leaders who have a desire to deepen their knowledge of the Midcoast, to expand their community engagement network, and to learn from the experiences of fellow community members,” said Robin McIntosh, program facilitator, in a news release.

“We define a community leader as someone who is involved in helping our community move forward toward a vital, sustainable future,” said McIntosh. “Those people who serve on boards or committees of local organizations, of their town, or at a regional or state level. We have folks go through the program who are experienced community volunteers and those who are looking to find where they should focus their time and talent. We have had organizational leaders and people who are early in their career development. We are looking for people who are willing to learn and to connect with others. The more diverse the mix, the more effective the program.”

MLA classes move throughout the region during the course of the year, immersing themselves in issues such as healthcare and human services, state and local government, the creative economy, education, conservation and the environment, traditional economic drivers, and the justice system. Leadership skills such as mentoring, conflict resolution, leading change, leadership styles, team building, and collaboration are all discussed throughout the program year.

Midcoast Leadership Academy was created to build a network of informed, committed, and engaged community leaders throughout Knox and Waldo counties, positively impacting the economic and cultural quality of life in the Midcoast by enhancing the professional and personal development of existing and emerging community leaders. More than 150 participants have graduated from the program to date.

For more information about the program, visit www.MidcoastLeadershipAcademy.orgs or email