‘considered an emerging issue of international concern’

Marine Scientist Abby Barrows talk: Microplastic Pollution in Aquatic Environments

Tue, 12/29/2020 - 1:00pm

On Thursday, Jan. 14, at 6 p.m., the Belfast Free Library and Friends of Sears Island will co-host a virtual presentation with Marine Scientist Abby Barrows titled, “Microplastic Pollution in Aquatic Environments.”

The program will be offered live via Zoom. To register for this program visit belfastlibrary.org/virtual-programs.

Microplastic pollution is considered an emerging issue of international concern, according to the Library, in a news release. An estimated 8-10 million tons of plastic make their way into the oceans each year. They have been found in all the world’s oceans, in freshwater environments, tap water, bottled water, beer, honey, salt, and even in the air. 

Barrows will discuss the complex problem of plastic pollution from behavior changes and diminished offspring performance in animals to the negative human and environmental health effects. She will also look at some of the solutions required to address it — how people need to use data and legislative tools to put awareness into real and effective change.

Directing microplastics research since 2012 Abby Barrows initiated the first baseline data map of microplastic pollution distribution in Maine. She recently concluded work as the Principal Investigator for the Global Microplastics Initiative with Adventure Scientists where they compiled one of the largest global datasets on every ocean and continent in the world, enabling a rare glimpse at the extent of plastic contamination in remote, understudied ocean and fresh waters. Barrows is also an oyster farmer on Deer Isle where she lives with her family. 

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