Letter to the editor: Susan Collins, You can bring balance back to Supreme Court.

Posted:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 12:00pm
Dear Senator Collins,

“...the best way that I can contribute...is to remain a member of the United States Senate.” 

Most Maine citizens agreed with you last year, myself included. Three years earlier, you had won a fourth term in office - by a landslide. We trusted you then. We trust you now.

Today, the majority of Maine citizens support keeping Roe v. Wade and reversing Citizens United.

Perhaps you foresaw what many of us did not; perhaps you knew this was to be one of your greater accomplishments: You can bring balance back to the Supreme Court.

Whatever it takes, I urge you to block the president’s efforts to appoint the next Justice until after the fall elections.

Ralph S. White (Steve) lives in Rockport