Letter to the editor: SAD 28 must follow Robert’s Rules of Order

Posted:  Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 5:15pm

Thank you for posting such a complete report on the SAD 28 Board meeting held December 20. What was not clear at any time during the meeting was that the motion made to amend the charter of the building committee was a vote to remove Owen Casas from the committee.

Like the warrant article we voted on to fund a new middle school vital information affecting how people might vote was buried deep in a document that few people outside the school board were likely to see or even be aware of.

The removal of Mr. Casas was simply a matter of making a notation in the list of committee members that the position of Rockport Select Board liaison was vacant.

The motion made and voted on was to amend the committee charter. No one read the motion so people in the audience or watching on-line who had not printed out a copy of the amended committee charter knew what was encompassed by the motion.

If the SAD 28 Board is to be open and honest with the public it needs to follow Robert’s Rules of Order and clearly present the actions it is voting to the public.

Helen Shaw lives in Rockport