Two Dudes Tacos debuted soft opening August 28

Late in the season, Camden gets a new to-go taqueria

Wed, 09/01/2021 - 8:30am

Story Location:
251 Belfast Road
Camden, ME 04843
United States

    CAMDEN— A shuttered food stand, formerly Deirdre’s Roadside Takeout, opposite of the Camden Hills State Park, has been brought back to life by Andrew Lipman in the form of a to-go taqueria.

    Called Two Dudes Tacos, the funny thing is that it’s just one dude running the show.

    “There was another dude, but he dropped out, so my other dude is my puppy, Gus,” joked Lipman.

    His partner, Andrea McFeely, is actually helping him run the business instead.

    Lipman, who was born in Portland, Maine, spent a decade cooking Mexican food in Phoenix, Arizona, before coming back to his home state to unveil his own cooking style, which, in his words is, “a classic Mexican influence with a little bit of Tex-Mex.”

    The menu is simple: Tacos three ways—carne asada, chili lime chicken, or a crispy potato (vegan).

    Each taco is $3.50 or $11 for three. He also makes carne asada fries, nachos, and freshly made tortilla chips with homemade salsas. The taqueria also sells ice cream and sweets.

    “I source from local farms as much as I can,” said Lipman. “The carne asada is a classic dish from the Sonora area of Mexico. I do a little spin on that by grilling a pounded-thin flank steak and char it on the grill and add Mexican spices and cinnamon. For the chili lime chicken, I take organic boneless chicken thighs and marinate them in a lime/chili seasoning, then char that as well. We cut the meat fresh for every order.”

    Patrons will not find anything store-bought for his tacos.

    “Something that’s really important to me is that I make everything by hand; the fries, the chips, and tortillas, along with various salsas,” he said. “Everything I put out I want to be delicious.”

    The menu will change with added specials each week. 

    “You may see homemade tamales, a burrito, or a chimichanga,” he said.

    Even though the taqueria is opening late in the season, Lipman wants to stay open as long as he can for the locals. “Of course I want to feed the people who are visiting our great state, but I’m making the food for the working person,” he said.

    As the food stand is not insulated, Lipman’s business will be open as late into the fall season as the weather permits. He said he would be open to other pop-up take-out opportunities throughout the winter before returning back to that space in the spring.

    “For winter specials, we plan on a coffee and hot chocolate bar, and churros,” Lipman said.

    The taqueria is open from noon to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

    For more information visit them on Facebook.

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