What’s in that cocktail?

The Landings knows that sometimes you’ve just got to make ‘A Bad Decision.’

Fri, 05/30/2014 - 10:30am

    ROCKLAND — We’ve all done it — made a bad decision at some point in our lives. But The Landings Restaurant in Rockland has turned poor decision making skills into a frothy blueberry martini, which is aptly named “A Bad Decision.”

    The Landings opened under new ownership and management last year and this family-run enterprise has been kicking out great food and an energized presence in Rockland.  I like small bars and this one is snug, tucked in the side of the restaurant with ocean views. Their cocktail menu is inventive and that is one of the reasons they made it the “What’s In That Cocktail” series.

    This particular cocktail was invented by one of their staff members who decided if one was going to make a bad decision over drinks, it might as well pack a wallop, which is exactly what this one does. This fruity, refreshing spin on the blueberry martini goes the extra mile with a light rim of tequila, making you instantly want more than one. Bad decision.

    Manager Molly Miller Staples demonstrated for us how this sweet martini is deconstructed.

    It’s very simple. To make this at home, all you need is:

    ·3 ounce Stoli vodka
    ·1 ounce Cointreau
    ·1/2 ounce Jose Cuervo tequila
    ·Freshly squeezed orange juice (one whole orange)
    ·1/4 cup fresh Maine blueberries

    Chill a martini glass with ice while preparing the cocktail. Pour orange juice into a glass. In a separate pint glass, muddle the blueberries. Pour orange juice in with muddled blueberries. Add Stoli. Add Cointreau. Pour mixture into a shaker filled with ice. Shake. Strain into the chilled martini glass but leave some room at the top. Pour the tequila until the cocktail begins to swirl and you can see the separation of the tequila on the surface. Garnish with lime.

    Watch our video to see how to make this cocktail or go down to The Landings and have them make one especially for you!

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