He's got eight lives left now; why not make the rest of them happy?

Hit by car, Audi lives to meow another day at P.A.W.S.

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 3:45pm

CAMDEN - Last week, a friend had told me she found a dazed and confused cat wandering around her back yard. When she approached him, it seemed from the wound on the top of his head and his disoriented manner, that a car had tagged him. She took him to the P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Shelter under the name "Otto," where he has been renamed "Audi" and treated for his injuries.

 Staff member Kathy Howard said: "He had a little boo-boo on his head and was staring off in a corner when we first got him. He was at the vet for little more than a week and everything came back fine. No head injuries or major injuries. He was soon eating on his own and using the litterbox. I'm not sure if it his personality, but he still seems easily startled. Although he's a real sweetie, he'll head-butt your hand to let you know he wants affection. I think he'd do well in a quieter home with a calm person. He's a sweet boy."

He is a tiger cat, estimated at two years old. Sweet little guy. Stop by P.A.W.S. and ask about "Audi." Won't someone make the rest of the eight lives he's got happy?

If you ever think you've hit a cat, do the right thing.

Stop and look, and make sure the animal is okay.

Check the first house you come to and ask if it is their cat.

Otherwise, take the animal to any vet or to a shelter.

Never assume it will be okay.

There's always a chance to save its life!

For more information on Audi and P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center visit pawsadoption.org/available-pets

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