Go For It: Adventures to try on April 23 for ‘Take A Chance Day’

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 1:00pm

    Spring cleaning isn’t just about the house or car; it’s also a great time to do an internal inventory.

    “Take A Chance Day” is celebrated nationally on April 23 as a way to motivate people toward completing unaccomplished goals or dreams. As ‘take a chance’ means setting yourself up to conquer potential failure, it’s a good way to spur yourself out of your comfort zone. Here are some suggestions in Maine, both locally and afar.

    Jump Out Of A Plane

    Skydive New England (skydivenewengland.com) is considered one of the best skydiving companies in Maine. Going on 34 years in the business, they have excellent safety record and reviews (for you do not want a “Terrible” review on a jump experience). Located in Lebanon, Maine, they use state-of-the-art training methods and the latest technology in skydiving equipment. One Trip Advisor reviewer called it “Lifechanging in a good way” and went on to describe a re-occurring nightmare he kept having about a fear of heights. He then considered the possibility of tackling those fears by jumping out of a plane.  “At 67, this had never been even near to being on my bucket list, but then I thought about that nightmare and figured this might be my way to fight back. So I jumped with the fantastic crew at Skydive last September and have not had that dream in the past six months.” First timers can go tandem with an experienced instructor or do an Accelerated Freefall jump course and jump solo your first time. Prices for tandem jumping range from $199 to $235 per jump, the price includes includes instruction, equipment and a scenic plane ride along with the jump.

    Rappel Down A Mountain

    Equinox Guiding Service (camdenclimbing.biz) out of Camden, offers professional climbing instruction and guidance to first-time climbers and all ability levels. The company, which formed last year, is headed up by two experienced climbers, John Sidik and Noah Kleiner. Noah has been climbing for 12 years; John has been climbing for five years. From dozens of cliffs, crags, and boulders throughout the Camden Hills to the sheer sea cliffs in Acadia National Park to the remote alpine routes above tree line in Katahdin, climbing puts a new perspective on life—literally from a vantage point many people will never see.  A half-day trip for one person is $160 and for two people: $106 per person.

    Tell a Story in Public

    Not all heart-pounding moments have to be out of a plane or bungee jumping off a bridge. One of the biggest challenges for creative people who have a story to tell...is to actually tell it in public. Sweet Tree Arts in Hope (www.sweettreearts.com) hosts an annual storytelling SLAM, as do a number of other venues, such as a monthly gathering called Kin in Rockland, the General Store in Thorndike, and an organization that hosts events called andorstories.com If you need help, Meghan Vigeant,a personal historian, writer and audio producer guides people through the storytelling process with her side business Stories To Tell. And, of course, there’s a Facebook group called MOOSE (Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts) to get you started.

    Go Surfing

    Surfing in Maine? Some have never even heard of it, but it does exist! In fact, Acquaholics, (aquaholicsurf.com) a surf shop in Kennebunkport, offers novice surf lessons, which they promise will “build confidence and increase endurance). Each lesson includes an hour and a half of instruction and practice for $110 per person. They also offer summer surf camps and rentals (wetsuits and surfboards). Starting in April, they also offer Mom’s Mornings, a weekly gathering of first-timers at Gooch’s Beach to learn to surf in an mostly-female environment (although gentlemen are welcome.) Want to see a live cam and daily tides, check it out here.

    If you choose to ‘Take A Chance’ and do something we haven’t listed: email us and let us know. We’ll mention you in our Facebook shout out.

    Kay Stephens can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com