Roller Derby tryouts at Point Lookout test women's skate skills

'Fresh Meat': It's not just for dinner

Sat, 11/03/2012 - 10:30am

According to the website Derby Diva, "Fresh Meat" is a term used by many roller derby leagues to identify skaters who are new, who are in training and have not been drafted to a team.

According to Bristol Smashin', president for the Rock Coast Rollers, Midcoast's first roller derby league, Fresh Meat is a term of endearment for new skaters. "Once new skaters have been with us for awhile, we call them other things like 'Old Meat' and 'Rotten Meat.' It's mostly a joke and kind of a cute way to refer to them."

This weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) Rock Coast Rollers will be hosting roller derby tryouts titled "Bring Out Your Fresh Meat" at Point Lookout in Northport. And even though the title is meant to be funny, they do recognize that competitive skating is a bit intimidating to some. However, the RCR ladies have no time for fear. And it's all about making it fun. "LOVE bruises? Us too!" is their motto.

To wit, their event poster reads:

Not sure you quite have what it takes? You don't know how to skate? You haven't been on skates in 20+ years? Afraid of falling?

Some of us didn't either.

We will teach you the basics and build you up from there.

We fall a lot.

Though the poster is designed to appeal to a certain type of take-no-crap woman, Bristol Smashin' wants to make it clear that there is no specific "look" or body type they're looking for. In other words, the hard core, heavily tatted, pierced stereotype often depicted in movies is not a requirement.  Rock Coast Rollers is made up of single ladies, moms, teachers, business people, bakers, gardeners and self-employed women from all walks of life. "I think, more than anything, what you need to have is a sense of determination and the willingness to fall down and get back up hundreds of times before you don't fall down any more. From that, you will build your confidence," said Smashin'.

Currently, the league has made a new home at Point Lookout's gymnasium for the winter, where, after the new year, they will once again start scheduling bouts among interstate Roller Derby Leagues. "The whole idea of the tryouts is to grow our league, increase our skating opportunities and our community service and continue to cultivate the sport in the area," said Smashin'. Already, more than 50 people invited on Facebook have indicated they will show up to the tryouts. The event will be open to all women 18 and older. Rock Coast Rollers will be providing skates and protective gear for new skaters to borrow. Tryouts start Saturday Nov. 3 and Sunday, Nov. 4 from 1-4 p.m. at The Fitness Center at Point Lookout. Participants only need to try out on one of those days, not both. Men are also encouraged to join as they are always looking for referees and officials. To the men they say: "And again, we will teach you EVERYTHING we know. Well, you know, everything we know about roller derby, not the secrets to the Universe. You're on your own with that one."

To stay glued to what the Rock Coast Rollers are up to next, join their Facebook page or visit their website.

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