Antje Roitzsch talks about how her experience changed her self-perception

Four local businesses collaborate to give eight women free makeovers

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 2:30pm

You know this familiar feeling of the draggy mid-winter blues? It’s the perfect time for a fresh outlook and a new makeover. Antje Roitzsch, a healer and artist with The Maine Beehive in Rockport took the leap to transform her outer appearance, and in the process, found out some new things about herself.

For the second year, four local businesses — Sogno Salon, Rheal Day Spa, CHANGE and Amy Wilton Photography — collaborated to offer “A Day of Beauty” makeovers to eight lucky local women.

Roitzche and the others had to submit a photo of themselves and told why they wanted a makeover. The women came from all walks of life, including one who had a near-death experience. The common thread?  To feel different, more confident, more modern and younger.

The rest of the story is in Antje’s own words.

“On the application I reflected on my journey of the last seven years to practice living with an open heart, listening to my intuition, recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities, trusting in the organic unfolding of my life, and loving myself with both my gifts and challenges.  I was not interested in a makeover per se, but more in a revealing of a new, more feminine side of myself that I have not been brave enough to express outwardly.

When I got the call that I was one of the eight women chosen, I was excited and at the same time, scared. I was stepping into unknown territory. I was stretching my comfort zone. It felt like a ritual of initiation.

In my work as a Phenomenal Touch Master Practitioner, I open the doors for people to tune in and learn to love their bodies in order to step into their life with a strong sense of self that enables them to make decisions and choices from a sense of love and empowerment. While I am in the process myself, I realized I had stopped short at the surface of my skin. I had to walk my talk and bring my own process to the next level and manifest it on the outside.

I felt I needed the most help from the fashion consultant, James Barger from CHANGE. I loved his slogan “CHANGE, Isn’t It Time?” and, yes, it was time to act on the unsettled feelings I've had about my wardrobe, but didn’t even know where to start. We had to bring two outfits, besides the one I wore. Having someone objectively assess what colors were ideal and what shapes and styles might be flattering was very helpful. But, I knew something was fundamentally amiss and when James asked if I ever got fitted for a bra. My answer?  "No, never."  I knew that this was the missing link. I did follow up with a bra fitting a week later.  (l learned a lot and have so much to say about women’s images and bra sizes and what is available in stores... but that will come at another time).

In the meantime, Amy of Rheal Day Spa did my nails, also a first for me. I am still looking at my sparkly orange color. A friend reflected it gave me a more refined look.

Karen, at Sogno Salon, did a great job cutting and styling my hair. It was affirming to know that I am actually doing pretty well cutting my own hair. But, once in a while it might be good to have a professional restore the shape.

I then returned to Rheal Day Spa for the makeup: something to which I have never been drawn. My request for minimal application was met with respect. Here, I also learned a lot about how makeup can round out a refined professional look, something I might use occasionally, but will not be an essential part of my new self.

Finally the photographer, Amy Wilton, was able to capture the transformation of all the women who had gone through this wonderful process. I loved the collaborative event and will certainly go back and seek their professional recommendations and services.

In the beginning of this process, I missed meeting the seven other women participating in this makeover/discovery and hearing the reasons why they applied. I would have liked to have witnessed their transformations, and at the end, hear them reflect on how this changed them and how they would integrate this new self-expression into their old lives.  Nevertheless, it was a powerful day of shedding what seemed like layers of old skin and literally seeing myself with new eyes.  I am certain that over time, my self-image will emerge further and grow.”

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