Flower Goddess offers fresh flowers and a magical atmosphere in Rockland

A flower shop and a welcoming metaphysical space

Thu, 08/03/2017 - 11:00am

ROCKLAND—Many flower shops have adjoining gift shops with pretty baubles and ornamental gifts.

The Flower Goddess, a shop at the North End in Rockland, goes a little off the beaten path. The display in the window features hand-constructed fairy houses in a bucolic, miniature scene. Inside, the shop reflects the interests of its owner Laurie Tracy and her partner, Mark Andersen. The shop has a distinct metaphysical flair, filled with books and gifts on magic, witchcraft, fairies and angels.

Tracy, who has worked as a florist for 29 years, got her start in Portland. Her original Flower Goddess shop opened in 2014 in Thomaston before relocating to Rockland in 2015. They’re a local, independent, family-owned shop, offering flower arrangements and plant scapes for every occasion; even offering “Wife Insurance” (anniversary reminders and specialized floral delivery) with free delivery to Rockland and Thomaston. The divine element of flowers has always appealed to Tracy.

“No matter what the occasion, they bring joy,” she said. “Even at funerals, when people first see a bouquet, their faces light up; it brings a smile to their faces.

The shop’s energy draws people from all walks of life. “I’ve always wanted a metaphysical gift shop,” she said. “We try to offer a range of books, items and information that allow people to choose their own path in life.” Tracy is keen on helping people learn more about the paths less chosen. “Knowledge is power; it takes away fear,” she said. “One of my biggest philosophies is ‘Do what you will, but harm none.’ ”

Shop Artist Highlight

Knittin’ Kittens

 Maine Knitters who make the iconic kitty hats inspired by the Women’s March.

The shop’s local reviews reflect Tracy’s genuine interest in accommodating all viewpoints. A customer, Jen Wass, stated, “I love this store! The owners are great people, the really make you feel welcome. You walk in an instantly feel harmonic vibrations! Thank you mark and Laurie for bringing some magic to Rockland!”

 The shop also features a number of unique Maine authors and artists with handmade jewelry, candles, incenses and Maine-made gifts and treasures.

“When we first opened, we reached out to all of our local Maine artisans,” she said. “With the opportunity to open the shop, we wanted to share that opportunity. We are proud of our Maine heritage, and strive to use many locally grown and made in Maine products as possible.”

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