The 24th annual US National Toboggan Championships costumes

From clever to naughty-who wore it the best?

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 9:00am

CAMDEN—Every year since the Toboggan Championships started, racers have been brainstorming ways to outshine, outrage and out-pun the other teams with their costumes.  And while we leave the official judging up to the Toboggan Committee, we’ll just ask our readers, whose costumes were the best this year?

Breaking Badly

Racers: Becky Peasely, Chantal Gamage, Karen Blackwell, Richard Evans

 “We’re all from Pen Bay Medical Center, so we came up the idea of Breaking Badly, as in breaking down on the way down the toboggan chute. This [blue meth] is something we cooked up in our kitchen in Owl’s Head, which has now been closed down. Just kidding, it’s actually rock candy with a little blue dye.”

Snow Rebels

Racers: Drew McMullen, Nathaniel Jones, Andy O’Shaughnessy, Karl Jakobs

“Two years ago, when we first came to the Races, we were called Shoot The Moon. So, this year, we’re sponsored by Sam Adams and their Rebel IPA, so you see, that’s how that ties in. It’s a great costume; people can’t keep their hands off us.”

Ninja Turtle Swag

Racers: Katelyn Kribel (Leonardo), Carlos Andrade (Donatello), Emily Bennett (Rafael)

“Our costumes came from a song, but now I can’t remember what that was. Edie, what’s that song called? [No answer.] Just say we’re from The Wayfinder School.”

Toboggan Doggins

Racers: Tony Campbell, Tammi Breen, Mimi Mamocal, David Slaggeo

“We all have dogs, except Tony. Tony’s the cat lover. We just got a new puppy and our son came up with the name and the idea to dress like this. We got everything online from Amazon and did our faces up with face paint.”

Shear Madness

Sarah Maxcy, Yvonne McLean

“Crazy hair had to be the main piece to our costume, because we’re hair stylists at Just Friends, in Rockland. We’re definitely going for the ‘80s vibe.”

While we weren’t able to interview every costumed team this year, check out additional photos in our story: Faces, sights and sounds: A day at the US National Toboggan Championships

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