Fort Knox Pet Show Weekend brings Midcoast pet lovers together

Cheap Dates: Crazy cat ladies, deranged dog owners — this is your weekend

Aug. 9 and 10 - pre-register now to compete
Wed, 08/06/2014 - 2:00pm

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    PROSPECT — Who here has ever put a cat in a harness and walked it around? I’ve done it. I can officially check off that Crazy Cat Lady box on the next U.S. Census form. What about dressing up a dog in an outfit (not just a sweater to keep it warm)?

    Rejoice pet lovers! For one weekend, Fort Knox in Prospect will be a safe haven from everyone who has ever made fun of you for your slavish devotion to your pets with their first Pet Show Weekend, held this Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 9 and 10, from 11 a.m. until it concludes. The weekend will feature "dogs only” on Saturday and "all other pets” on Sunday. Presumably that means cats, ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs as well.

    “We wanted to give people who come to the Fort a chance to showcase their pets,” said Friends of Fort Knox secretary Amy McCrae. ”Fort Knox is a pet-freindly place that they can stop by and visit and we just wanted to wanted to honor pet lovers for a weekend.”

    McCrae, who owns two dogs herself, a Shih Tzu and a Golden Retriever cross will be with her. She also does canine agility training with Renaissance Dogs out from Holden and will be leading an agility demonstration for dogs at 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning. “Canine agility is an obstacle course, basically, a series of jumps, tunnels and platforms that you guide the dog through without a leash.”

    Rather than get all Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on people, organizers of this event wanted it to be fun, not a competition, so they decided to throw a lighthearted contest with categories including cutest, owner look-alike, most friendly, best pet trick, best name, best pet costume and funniest/ugliest looking. Those who wish to enter their pet into one of those categories must pre-register here.

    Everyone is welcome, no matter how many legs the person or creature has. “If people want to bring their snake or spider in a box, I don’t care,” said Fort Knox Executive Director Leon Seymour. “As long as they consider it a pet.” This from the man who is hosting a creepy-crawly theme for this year’s Fright At The Fort.

    “We’ve put it out on Facebook, which hit 17,000 people but so far the only pre-registrations for the contest are a hamster and a goat,” said Seymour. He said this may be due to the fact that the registration page had a broken link when it first debuted, a problem since resolved.

    Anyone can bring a pet to the weekend, you don't have to register the pet to bring it. However, owners are responsible for their pet's behavior. And of course, this is the perfect Cheap Date for couples to bring their pets a.) because it’s free and b.) if your partner brings the animal in any of the crazy and deranged costumes from this Pinterest page, you’ve been forewarned about what you’re getting into.

    For further information call 469-6553 or email

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