Charles E. Hendrick III, obituary

Posted:  Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 4:30pm

Charles E. Hendrick III, has died at the age of 84. He died having lived a full and happy life. 

He was nurtured and cared for in his primary years by his beloved Grandfather Charles Hendrick Sr. and Grandmother Viola Hendrick. Living on the farm formed his love of animals who were his first playmates. Chuck was the pied piper of dogs, cats, cows, chickens and all things with four legs. You would always find Chuck with a dog sitting beside him in his truck.  

Chuck's art skills and work ethic were passed down to him by his father, Charles Hendrick, II. His kindness, sweetness and good looks was inherited from his mother, Lenora Thayer Hendrick Castner. His playfulness was developed to an art form under the direction of his Aunt Mary. His love of children grew out of the love for his little brother, James Hendrick. 

Chuck was in the class of '52 at Camden High School. He attended  Grey's business school in Portland and New York University's culinary program. 

Chuck was a family man. His greatest loves were his eight children: Kelli Farr, Lori Gore, Holly Hendrick, Hillary Bousum, Charles Hendrick IV, Cameron Hendrick, Haley Peters, and Sydney Hendrick.

As the family grew with son in laws, and "significant love ones", as Chuck would call them, he demonstrated the same love and affection and acceptance as he did his children.

During the 47 years of marriage to Kathleen Thurston he showed unconditional love, attention, strong hugs, loving kisses, quiet kindness, unbending patience and humor lots of humor.

His 12 grandchildren and four great grandchildren delighted him as he did them. He considered himself a family man first, a “super hero” baseball player second and a “tough as nails” hockey player third. Chuck was well read and enjoyed learning. He was a master of trivia and random knowledge. He would find a commonality with someone and be able talk about anything and always with a humorous twist. 

He spent 30 years perfecting his culinary skills of a baker, sous chef and executive chef at the best hotels and resorts in the country. However, his culinary delights claim to fame for his family were his apple turnovers. His secret finally can be released: He juggle the apples!

Chuck could juggle just about anything to the joy of the children. He always had a kid by his side assisting him in the kitchen who he patiently taught cooking skills. Chuck left his successful culinary career for an important life change. His priorities changed due to the activities of all those children.

He needed to be present so he built a company, Hendrick Landscaping. He spent 25 years beautifying the Midcoast between games of baseball, and soccer, swim meets, dance lessons and recitals, drum lessons, band practices, ski meets, homework, school and family functions.

He taught his children what it meant to work hard and to play hard. He hired his kids, his kids friends, boyfriends, and just about anyone who needed a job and expected the best from them. They gave him their best. 

All the kindness and thoughtfulness he gave away over his life time came back to him in his declining years. He died as he lived, thankful. Charles will be missed, but,oh, the stories of his antics and how well he lived his life will live on.

A private family service will be held at the Sea View Cemetery. A gathering of friends and family was held at the Sea Dog, second floor, in Camden, Sunday November 5, at noon.