many “Wow” sightings

Cathy Morgan Bird Week comes to a close

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 1:15pm

Cathy Morgan Bird Week is celebrated each May in honor of one of its fondest bird watchers and former board member of Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition, the late Cathy Morgan. For several years, Morgan instigated Belfast Bird Day with a full day of activities for families and children every May at Captain Albert Stevens School. After she passed, BBWC has carried on her legacy with a series of bird walks each morning for a week.

This year, between May 14 and 21, BBWC took birders to a variety of habitats, including Sears Island, Head of Tide Preserve and Ducktrap River Preserve, both part of Coastal Mountains Land Trust, a farm in Swanville, “The Muck” in Belfast, and the Hills to Sea Trail.

A total of 86 species of birds were observed during the week. Some of the “Wow” sightings included Blackpoll warblers, Canada warblers, Bay-breasted warblers, Blackburnian warblers, Northern waterthrush, Green heron, and Wood thrush.

“It was exciting to see so many migrants returning to court, bred, and raise their young along with our faithful year-round resident birds,” said Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition, in a news release.

Observers also were treated to wildflowers in bloom, trees in blossom, and newly hatched insects.

“It was a week of good weather, longed-for sights, sweetest of songs, and renewed friendships among bird watchers,” said BBWC.