Dec. 15 meeting, via Zoom

Camden to review bids for $12 million wastewater plant upgrade

Mon, 12/14/2020 - 8:30pm

    CAMDEN — The Town of Camden has three bids, ranging from $9.5 million to $10.7 million, before it from companies that are competing for the job of upgrading the municipal waste water treatment plant.

    On Dec. 15, at a regularly scheduled Select Board meeting, the town will consider the bids from Apex Construction, Penta Corporation and T-Buck Construction, and possibly vote to go with one of them.

    Wright-Pierce Engineers, based in Topsham, evaluated the bids and submitted the following to the Select Board:

    “Apex Construction, Inc. was the low bidder with a Total Bid of $9,542,750.00 which is approximately 14% lower than the engineer’s estimate, 11% lower than the high bid and 3% lower than the median bid. Wright-Pierce reviewed the low bid in detail and noted no deficiencies in the bid. Wright-Pierce contacted Apex Construction and they did not find any errors in their bid and are willing to perform the work for the bid price submitted.”

    The wastewater project was estimated to cost approximately. $14 million, and to be funded from various sources, including a $12.5 million loan, a $1.4 million federal grant, and  a $1.4 million contribution from Rockport, which sends a portion of its wastewater to the Camden system.


    “Wright Pierce conducted financial references of Apex Construction, Inc.’s bank and bond companies. We contacted Bank of New Hampshire and Berkley Insurance Company for the financial review. The account manager for Apex Construction, Inc. at Bank of New Hampshire indicated that they have been a customer since 2003, currently have deposit balances that average in the mid seven figure range, and all accounts have been handled as agreed. The Berkley Insurance Company report Apex Construction, Inc. lines of credit are maintained satisfactorily and appropriate to their standards. Additionally, the Berkley Insurance Company report Apex Construction to be a customer of around twenty years and verifies their available bonding capacity ($45,000,000) to be well over the bid amount for this project ($9,542,750).

    “Wright-Pierce has work experience with Apex Construction, Inc. on wastewater projects involving treatment facilities and pump stations, including three separate pump station upgrade projects with the Town of Camden. Based on our experience, Apex Construction, Inc. is capable of performing the tasks necessary to complete this job and we are not aware of any reason why this contract should not be awarded to Apex as the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. However, it should be noted that Wright-Pierce cannot make any guarantee that Apex Construction, Inc. will perform the work within the bid price or in the specified schedule.”

    In other business

    The Camden Select Board will also consider Tuesday evening several other agreements and contracts, including:

    Approval of Siemen’s Project Plan
    At the Dec. 1 Select Board meeting, members met with Siemen’s concerning that consultant’s energy audit work conducted over the last year. Siemen’s analyzed town facilities, their energy consumption, and made recommendations for improved energy efficiencies (see attached PDF for the full report). 

    Tuesday, Dec. 15, the board will decide whether to pursue a contract with Siemen’s to move forward with recommended actions.

    Disposition of 7 Willow Street
    At the Dec. 1 meeting, the board discussed at length the four individual proposals to acquire the residential property at 7 Willow Street that came under municipal ownership following tax lien foreclosure.  Read: Housing shortage impels individuals, businesses, nonprofit to bid on Camden foreclosure property

    The matter is again before the board Dec. 15. 

    Full agenda

    Town of Camden
    Select Board Meeting
    December 15, 2020 – 6:30 p.m.

    French Conference Room – will not be open for the public to attend

    This meeting will be done by teleconference through Zoom and streamed at:

    If you wish to provide input on an agenda item during the meeting please email by the close of business on December 14th, 2020 in order to receive a link to participate remotely. Please specify the agenda item you wish to speak to.

    2. Approval of Board Minutes from December 1, 2020

    3.Introducing New/Promoted Members of Camden Police Department: 1. Officer Lucas Verrier
    2. Officer Brian Lundt
    3. Sergeant Wesley Butler

    1. Award of Bid to Apex Construction Inc., for Wastewater Treatment Plant as WASTEWATER COMMISSIONERS

    4. Public Hearing on renewal liquor application for The Waterfront Restaurant at 48 Bay View Street

    5. Action Items:
    a. Approval of FY 20-21 Snow Bowl Concession License Agreement
    b. Approval of Mark Senders, d/b/a The Big T Snack Shack for a renewal victualer at 20 Barnestown Road

    c. Appointment of New Planning Board Members

    d. Approval of Siemen’s Project Plan
    e. Approval of Megunticook Rowing Club License Agreement
    f. Approval of 2021 Commercial Fishermen’s Float Permit Applications (Harbor Ordinance Article V Section 2): Barney Appleton, Mark Bradstreet, Kent Bradstreet, David Emery,Wilbur McCall, Adam Scott, Bradford Scott, Art Tibbetts, Tobias Wincklhofer, and Gary Talbot.

    g. Approval of FY 2021 Harbor Fees

    h. Approval of disposition of 7 Willow Street
    i. Approval of Step and Grade Pay Plan for FY21 (as approved in FY21 Budget)

    6. Update on Established Priorities:
    a. Charter Commission – Discussion on Status and Approach

    7. Discussion Items:
    a. Committee Tasks & Assignments

    b. Manager’s Report
    c. Select Board Report