Families and neighbors cheered them on during the entire route

Camden Hills Regional High School Class of 2021 continues time-honored march through town

Tue, 06/08/2021 - 9:15am

In a school year that included remote and in-person learning, the graduating seniors from Camden, Rockport, Hope, Appleton, and Lincolnville— the class of 2021—all got together to continue the time-honored march through Camden in caps and gowns on Monday, June 7.

During an unprecedented heatwave in June, dozens of neighbors, friends, and families lined the sidewalks all throughout town, some in lawn chairs, some holding congratulatory balloons, waiting for the moment they saw the Camden police cruiser’s flashing lights as it escorted the seniors down Main Street from the top of the hill.

With bagpiper leading the procession, the march started at 6:30 p.m. and wound through residential neighborhoods, until a half-hour later, it concluded at the Knox Mill Parking Lot at 7 p.m.

Unlike last year’s march, when many in the crowd wore masks —with more than 70 percent of Mainers having received the COVID-19 vaccine—this year saw many unmasked faces in the crowd with big smiles. The seniors marched to the tune of their individual personalities; some with dresses, some with Interact sashes, some with shorts, sunglasses, and Converse sneakers, and some with rainbow flags. The cheering and homemade banners and signs visibly energized the seniors as they walked through a route in town, with many of them smiling and waving back.

Graduation this year will take place on Friday, June 11 at 7 p.m. in Palmer Field (which, in case of rain, will alternatively take place in the Strom Auditorium). For more information visit: CHRHS Graduation Events.